Hi my name is Steve Nixon. I’m an investor in SAAS businesses, e-learning, and information product businesses.

I started from humble beginnings. In 2011 I threw a couple videos up on Youtube. At first it was jus fun to share my talent but I had no idea how popular my videos and website would become.

This planted the seed for me to create Freejazzlessons.com, which eventually became the largest jazz piano education website in the world.

It wasn’t easy in the beginning but along the way I learned what it took to grow a wildly successful online business.  To date I’ve sold over 30,000 products and growing daily.

I achieved financial independence in 2018.

Many people have asked me how I did it. So, I’m sharing everything I learned to get to where I am today.

My mission to share with you what it REALLY takes to build a wildly profitable business with real customers, big profits, real fans.

And I’m going to show you how to do it while living life on your own terms.

There are so many fake gurus out there who’ve only made money selling crappy biz op & make money online BS products. They’ve never had any success in the real world of business. That pisses me off.

So, I’m here to give you the truth on what it really takes. I’ll reveal my marketing, strategy, entrepreneurship, and lifestyle design secrets. Nothing is off limits.

Ready to follow along as we build your dream business and life?

Let’s get started today.