5 Marketing Automation Strategies You Must Use

marketing automationIn this article and video I’m going to teach you 5 really powerful marketing automation strategies that all businesses need to be using.

If you want to compete in today’s day and age against your competitors, who are doing this type of stuff, you need to be doing it too.

I’ve personally used all of these marketing automation techniques in my businesses and grew a really nice sized business with them.

I’m going to share with you exactly what I do, and it has done wonders for my brand.

Lets breakdown all these strategies below.

1. Marketing Automation & Lead Generation

marketing automationThe very first thing we want to get into is automating your lead generation.

If you’re out there passing out business cards all day or making cold calls as your only form of getting prospects to know you, you are wasting a ton of time and energy.

One of the best ways you can really grow your lead generation on autopilot, or using automation, is by leveraging automated ads on a variety of networks.

You can do it through Google search, Google Display Network, Youtube, Facebook, Taboola, email drops etc. etc.

You can you even do it through organic blog posts. All you have to do is set up an automated system that once a user clicks on one of your ads you give your prospect something in exchange for an email address.

lead magnetThis could be a free report giveaway or something you know your prospects going to absolutely love in exchange for some personal information.

This personal info is usually a name, email, and maybe phone number too.

Sometimes phone numbers are a little harder to get, but just something which will allow you to start building that relationship with your prospect.

Again, if you’re doing this manually, you’re wasting a ton of time and energy.

If you’re in a profitable business, across the world there’s millions of people who could be interested in your products and services.

Automate this process. So again, if you’re not using marketing automation for your lead generation then start it right away. It is life changing.

2. Evergreen Email Campaigns & Marketing Automation

marketing automationThe next thing you absolutely have to have in place is some sort of evergreen e-mail series that introduces prospects or customers to you and your brand.

This includes what you’re selling, your mission, and your values.

This is a technique that’s basically called education-based marketing. You don’t always have to send buy, buy, buy, buy, buy type content.

You can send them out some helpful content that not only enriches their lives, but also helps them make educated buying decisions. Almost like a friend would give them advice as well.

And what I do in my different businesses is I have evergreen e-mail campaigns set up.

marketing automationI have 10 to 15 automated e-mails set up in every single business that I have in which people get my best stuff right away.

It helps them get to know me and what we’re all about.

So set that up. Sit down, and compose a couple pieces of content.

You don’t have to have 10-15 emails right out of the gage. This is something that you can grow over time. But this is, again, that scalability factor where, when people sign up right away, you don’t have to be at your laptop working and slaving away 24 hours a day.

You use marketing automation via email to do the selling and marketing for you.

By the way, if you want to learn more about my email marketing strategy make sure you check out my article on email marketing metrics you must know.

3. Automated Product Delivery & Customer Happiness

marketing automationThe next thing you must have in place in your business, is an automated product delivery system.

If you have a digital product, you want to make sure that you have some sort of automation set up where your product is delivered right away.

As soon as somebody enters their credit card information in, within one minute after the transaction is done, it’s sent to their inbox, preferably within 10 seconds.

You want to make sure that it’s airtight and you’re testing that out.

And there’s lots of different ways you can do that. You can do it through your CRMs, you can do it through services like ClickFunnels.

I use Ontraport and Infusionsoft in another one of my businesses. We’ll do future videos and articles where we’ll be talking about how to deliver your products fast.

But automated product delivery is absolutely critical. Do not leave your customers hanging. They want to know that they can like and trust you, and if you give them the goods right away, it’s so important.

If You Deliver Physical Products This Is Important

marketing automationNow, what if you’re delivering physical goods? Well, you want to make sure you that once somebody enters in their payment information, that it syncs with your product delivery system.

If you’re doing some sort of drop-shipping, something along those lines. You want to make sure that there’s syncing in place.

So in one of my businesses, we have checkouts from one software platform.

Once somebody buys it automatically pings through Zapier, (this is a really software that connects different platforms together.)

Zapier automatically pings to another software and then that emails out a CSV file to our product fulfillment person.

But I have set this all up where I don’t have to do anything. I initially sat down and worked out the system, we tested it, and now it’s automated. And my customers are happy.

They get their products fast. Everybody succeeds through this process. Again, do not make your customers wait. It’s really important that you deliver the goods and that you automate this process.

4. Retargeting And The Power Of Marketing Automation

retargetingOne of the highest ROI strategies that you can set up your business is a retargeting strategy.

You’ve worked really hard to get people to come to your website. These are interested people. They’ve showed interest in your content, your product, or your service.

They showed through their behavior that, “Yes, this is something I’m interested in.” But we live in a distracted world.

One of the best, highest ROI activities you can do for your business is set up an automated retargeting campaign.

So how does this work?

Well, lets say a potential customer visits your website and they don’t take the desired action.

Through an automated marketing pixel you can put up an ad on different social platforms to get them engaged again. To remind them of your existence.

The Highest ROI Strategy?

Now, here’s the really cool part about this particular strategy. These people have already shown that they are super interested in what you have going on.

They either searched for the product or clicked through on a call to action to learn more.

They’ve shown through their behavior that, “Yes, we are interested in this particular topic.” These are high intent and very warm prospects.

marketing automationThis is why when you create ads that send people automatically back to your site, there’s such a high ROI in that. It’s like the sweetest of the sweetest spot.

So what you want to do is setup retargeting campaigns using Facebook ads, Google ads, Google Display network, Taboola, and YouTube ads. There’s a lot of different strategies you can do.

But again, just getting people to come back to the site to reengage them and they can continue to move lower in your marketing funnel.

If you set this up, this is how you make sales 24 hours a day, even while you sleep. It’s super cool.

5. Customer Ascension & Repurchase Campaigns

marketing automationAll right, this last one, I am absolutely amazed by the percentage of businesses that I see that do not have this in place.

Now, what this is, this is an automated marketing campaign for your current customers to get them to consume or purchase more of your products and services.

They’ve purchased from you once. They’ve already shown that, “Yes, not only do I love your stuff, I’m interested in this particular product or service or whatever, but I’m even willing to open up my wallet to help solve a problem in my life with it.”

Those are hyper, hyper qualified people. They’ve shown  through their behavior that, “Yes, I really want to pay for to solve my want or need that you’re offering”

And what a lot of businesses do is they won’t send more stuff out to current customers.

repurchaseThey say, “Oh, I don’t want to upset my customers.” But actually it’s quite the opposite. Your customers are going to want to know more about your products and services.

They’re the ones who are most likely to buy again.

Now, what you want to do is you want to set up ascension systems through automated e-mail, retargeting, and also broadcasting content via social networks.

This continues to educate them on the things you can do to help them enrich their life through your product and services.

A customer ascension marketing strategy is one of the highest ROI things you can have in place in your business.

Important Final Marketing Automation Tips

Make sure you have all 5 of these in place. This is going to save you a ton of time and energy.

By the way this works if you want to live the laptop lifestyle, the 4 hours workweek, or you want to work 80 hours a week.

Just use automation to take what you’re doing to the next level. Either way, it works on both ends.

Use technology to leverage and scale your business.

This is the smart way to grow and build a wildly successful business.

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