How to Be Successful in Business

Do you want to know how to be successful in business?

Your friends, family, and colleagues may already be giving you dangerous advice. If you listen to them you’ll most likely be heading down the road to failure.

Instead, you must ask yourself these specific questions to ensure you’re listening to the right people.

They are the ones who can help you speed up your business success.

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Learn How to Be Successful in Business

One of the common struggles of brand new entrepreneurs is that your friends and family don’t understand what you’re doing.

You work hard in the early stages and the money is not rolling in yet.

This is a normal part of the process for anyone who wants to start a business.

The work you do now will lead you to bigger results you want later down the road.

You know that to learn how to make a million dollars, you’ll put in some work for free.

how to be successful in businessBut most people don’t get it like you do.

As a result you’re getting all kinds of unsolicited advice.

They’re telling you:

  • Starting a new business is kind of risky
  • You should get a safe and secure job
  • Don’t work nights or weekends

You’re getting a lot of negativity coming into your space.

What To Do When People Doubt Your Success

How can you shut out the noise?

Especially when the people who give you the noise are people who love you?

This is how you can optimize your mind in the right way.

Well, one of the first things you can do is figure out who you should be listening to.

model successAsk yourself, “Who is this person giving me this advice?”

  • Are they someone I would want to model my life after?
  • Are they getting the results in their life that I want?

Let’s give an example…

They tell you that you should get a day job because you get paid vacation.

What Questions To Ask To Be Successful In Business?

When it comes to this person giving you advice:

  • Are they driving the kind of car that you want to drive?
  • Do they take the type of vacations that you want?
  • Are they making impact in the world?
  • Do they have the freedom you want as an entrepreneur?
  • What about the bank account balance you want?

Everything from the mindset, the happiness, and all the beautiful things we can encounter from our skills and our experiences.

how to be successful in businessDoes the person giving me this advice have all that?

If the answer is no, you would not trade places with them.

If you don’t want to have a life like them…

Simply put: Don’t listen!

Of course you don’t have to be mean about it. Be nice. Be respectful.

These are the people who have the best intentions and they love and support you.

But don’t listen to their advice if they are not where you want to be.

The Key to Modelling Success in Business

Then if you’re not going to be listening to friends and family…

Who do you listen to?

the key to modelling successWell, what you want to do is reverse engineer somebody who already is successful and has the life you want.

  • What are they doing to spend their money?
  • How are they spending their time?
  • How did they grow their business?
  • What podcasts do they listen to?
  • Do they use email marketing in their business?
  • What did they eat?
  • Do they work out?
  • How many hours a week do they work?
  • Do they hire people?

What you want to do is figure all this stuff out.

If you want to live a life like them model what they do.

Because success leaves clues.

Learn How To Be Successful In Business

In summary, if you want to be successful, you must first model success!

Also be careful with the negative things friends and family tell you.

Entrepreneur depression is a real thing and extra negativity can easily drag you down.

Tell them you love them but just don’t listen to them so much.

Instead, focus on the people who inspire you.

Reverse engineer what they do and that is the path to success.

Ready to Be Successful in Business?

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