Consulting Business Secrets To Grow Your Company

Do you struggle to get your consulting business past a certain level of income?

This is how you can scale your business into while freeing up your time and energy in the process.

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Want To Grow Your Consulting Business?

The big problem in the consulting and coaching industry is that you are trading time for money.

There’s a cap on the amount of money that you can make per year.

This sucks because there’s only so much you can do.

There’s only so many hours in a week. And there’s only so much the market will bear in terms of dollars per hour.

Business GrowthThere comes an hourly threshold where customers will say “It’s just not worth it for me”.

As a result, they never hire you for your services.

So how do you solve this problem?

How can you get past that income cap?

Is there a way where you can still coach, teach, share your passion, and have a larger impact while doing it too?

Well, there’s a method that I personally used for the last 10 years.

It has completely changed my life,

Automate Your Consulting Business

1-on-1 coaching will not scale your business.

You want to do this instead…

financial consulting businessStart documenting the systems you use with clients and put them into a product or course.

Make sure it’s the same process you use with your 1-on-1 clients.

Hire a videographer for an afternoon to help you film it.

Package it up as a video course.

Make sure you have step-by-step systems and a couple of PDFs in there as well.

And boom, now you have an asset!

Something tangible like this can work for you and be sold 24 hours a day.

That’s the first leverage point you want to be doing.

Turn your expertise into a real tangible asset.

Scale Your Consulting Business

What you want to do now is use different types of leverage.

For example, use code and media to get your message across.

You’ll be able to reach more people to help them and get your sales flowing in when you do this right.

So what are examples of code and media?

One example is an e-commerce website that actually sells your product and service.

You don’t have to actually take people’s credit card information over the phone.

You never have to actually deliver the product.

The code of those websites and the checkout pages automatically deliver your content for you.

How To Advertise Your Consulting Business

grow your consulting businessAnother type of code thing you can use is an advertising platform.

You can run the following types of ads:

Again, the code actually works for you and generates leads on autopilot for you 24 hours a day while you sleep.

Of course you’ll have to learn how to advertise or hire someone to do it for you.

You can build this out and continue to optimize.

Do it on your own time whenever you want to do it.

Just focus on getting more and more leads using code.

Use Media To Market Your Coaching Business

Right now I’m creating a free content.

You’re reading this article based on a YouTube video I put out into the world.

Business GrowthI’m giving away my expertise for free.

I know how to build a million dollar business and I’m showing the marketplace right now that I know what I’m talking about in my area of expertise.

I’m using media in the form of a YouTube video and blog posts. Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Tik Tok all can be leveraged.

It’s easier than you think to produce content across all social platforms with the right content multiplication strategy.

So when you promote your message media is another form of unlimited leverage.

You can reach millions of people this way.

Have Your Marketing Work While You Sleep

consulting businessHopefully millions of people will read this blog post one day.

It will work for me 24 hours a day. All the different platforms show people my expertise.

This helps in building trust and they’re going to come to my website and enter into my ecosystem as well.

I don’t have to work with you one on one right now.

We get to build a relationship while you’re sitting at home far away.

How cool is that?

Go Scale Your Consulting or Coaching Business This Way

Steve NixonSo again, you want to use code and media to promote your brand.

When you film your expertise this will allow you to turn it into a product that sells 24 hours a day.

Even while you sleep.

That’s how you get rid of that cap that happens in the consulting and coaching industry.

So at that point, you have greater potential on the impact you can make.

Go out and build your product right now.

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Now if you have questions on time leverage or feel like there’s things I didn’t cover in this article, leave a comment below.

I’d love to hear where your mind is at in relation that.

And again, my goal is to continue to help you succeed in your business, in your life and to prosper more.

My name is Steve Nixon. Thank you very much for reading.