Facebook Ads – How To Make Them More Profitable

split testing adsHave you ever looked at the differences between facebook ads? Some are good and some are really bad. Some will work and make money and some will not.

In today’s article I go over how to make profitable facebook ads. You can watch me live on my video scanning my facebook feed, dissecting and correcting ads. 

Facebook Ads Video Tutorial

1. When You’re In The Trenches With Facebook Ads

First I’ll tell you about myself. I am a professional marketer and entrepreneur. I’ve run millions of dollars in ad spend over the years. My money is on the line in terms of making sure ads convert.

What I’m about to share are lessons learned in the trenches. If it seems like I’m bashing ads or throwing dirt, know that I respect anyone trying at any level. My goal is to save you time and money.

Facebook AdsSpeaking of saving time, my demographic marketing blog is a great compliment to this article. We discuss targeting methods, which is a major part of the facebook ads algorithm. Be sure to check it out after this.

Why We All Can Use A Refresher

You’ll see a lot of copywriters and marketers making bad ads on facebook. It’s a fairly easy platform to get started on, but not necessarily easy to get good at quickly.

If you’re making these mistakes, this blog will help immensely. If you’re on the right path already this article will only reinforce the good stuff and save you from ever having to make these mistakes.

2. Facebook Ads The Good The Bad And The Ugly

Facebook AdsThe first ad I review in the video is the Bloomberg Businessweek. Not a great ad. But we’ll start with the good. They used a “Limited Time Offer,” which creates scarcity and that’s a great marketing strategy.

If prospects know they can get the same deal 20 days later, they’ll probably wait. If you want some ideas on leveraging deals, scarcity and pricing strategies, check out my price positioning blog.

Now let’s get to the constructive criticism. The first thing they put in their post copywrite is an external link to their website. When you click on the link you land on the front page of their site.

Where Is The Opportunity To Buy On Facebook Ads?

The problem is that there is no opportunity to buy on the landing page. Not only that, but the page is visually confusing and not easy to navigate or impact on any given level.

Facebook AdsYou always want to make the most effective use of your links and ensure the user experience is clean and direct. Take them directly to the action you want them to take.

Speaking of directing your customers in an effective way, check out my article on  marketing automation to save time and build out a clean, consistent user experience.

3. What Your Avatar Wants With Facebook Ads 

First, what is an avatar in regards to marketing? Your avatar is your ideal customer. Usually created by compiling the commonalities you see in your customer base.

Your ideal customer will buy the most and find the most value in your product or service. They write good reviews, refer you to friends and become your cheerleaders.

Retargeting MarketingIn the Bloomberg ad, they clearly do not know who their avatar is, or why someone would want to subscribe to Bloomberg. I know because this was a retargeting ad sent to me after I visited their website recently.

(Check out my blog on retargeting marketing to learn more about this widely used marketing technique.)

Don’t Single People Out Of What You’re Talking About

Their Facebook ads post headline reads “Bloomberg.com and The information have partnered up to bring you the complete business package.” Business Package is a very generic term and could mean anything.

Facebook AdsI haven’t visited “The information” recently. Don’t single out people that don’t know what you’re talking about. A better headline would be “Read the #1 source for news that that the top 100 billionaire business owners read.” 

My SEO content strategy blog is all about how to know who your customers really are, how to speak their language and avoid singling people out or missing the market entirely.

4. How The Right Look Impacts Facebook Ads 

Facebook’s branding colors are blue and white and so was Bloomberg’s ad. Such a classic mistake, so many make. You want to have opposite colors or at least different colors to stand out.

Remember, people are not on Facebook to look at ads. They’re on Facebook to catch up socially, argue politics, or post pictures of food. It takes strategy to get people’s attention on social sites.

The next ad is a striking video ad from Dan Henry. He uses opposing colors to set the ad apart from Online MarketingFacebook’s blue and white. It instantly resets attention. Big contrast from the first ad. 

What A Good Headline Does For Facebook Ads 

Dan’s headline is spot on. “How To Start And Grow A Profitable Online Business.” This is copywriting 101. He’s calling out course creators, he knows his avatar, and he knows what he’s doing.

The next great move Dan made was in the top of his posts copy-write. “I explain the biggest mistake course creators make in this video. Once I stopped doing this, it doubled our online education business.”

BOOM! That’s what you want. Convey the benefits, what’s in it for your avatar and most importantly pain removal. How can you fix their problem and remove their pain?

(For more on pain removal, check out the “problem solution” section in my website content strategy post).

5. Will You Pass The Facebook Ads Sniff Test?

Facebook AdsWhat is the sniff test? Well it’s a lot of things, but really it’s one thing. Do you know what you are doing? Are you tying everything together in a clear path that makes sense?

When we click on Dan’s headline, it takes us to a landing page that repeats the headline, gives further details, more pain removal. He inches toward the goal, earning trust and authority through cohesive copywriting.

Facebook ads serve a purpose, getting emails, making sales. So many businesses fall apart when tying everything together. Components may look good alone, the sniff test is when they look good together.

Content MarketingSo Much To Explore But Less Is More

This blog is a recap of my “How To Make More Profitable Facebook Ads” video. Watch it if you haven’t yet. I go way deeper and cover more advanced copywriting techniques, landing page tips and much more.

But keep it simple, it’s better to do to do less at a high level, than more at a low level. Master your ads one at a time and make sure they pass the sniff test and you’re set up for them to serve you best.

My name is Steve Nixon. Thank you so much for watching and reading. If you enjoyed this video and article, I encourage you to visit us at strategysamurai.com or on YouTube. Thanks, I’ll see you soon