Demographic Marketing – How To Stop Wasting Money

Demographic MarketingDo you get bad ads or see products in your feed you would never purchase? Don’t make the same mistake. Stop wasting money and use the power of demographic marketing.

In today’s video and article you’ll learn how to we use demographic marketing to maximize return on ad spend.

Demographic Marketing Video Tutorial

First, watch this video on demographic marketing. Then, scroll down for more important tips.

1. Why Is Demographic Marketing Vitally Important

Demographic MarketingDemographic marketing gets the most out of ad spending and your cross channel marketing budget and makes sure you’re working with the right clientele.

​Demographic marketing is categorizing the broad audience of people in the world down to specific facts about them. Not assumptions or opinions, just simple truths.

Like where do you live, age, married or not married, level of education, etc. We do this to understand differences. The worst is assuming everyone is the same or everyone is just like you.

2. How Demographic Marketing Strikes Gold

Demographic MarketingThe best way to see how it works is to give you an actual example. In one of my businesses people who are 65 and older were converting at $9.50 earnings per lead.

People 25 to 45 years old were only converting at $2.75 earnings per lead. I’ll take the 65 and older earnings over the 45 and younger earnings any day of the week.

We still invested into the younger audience, we just invested less, and invested more into the older audience. This is demographic marketing!

Don’t Get Married To Your Preconceptions

Demographic MarketingOn one of my retargeting marketing campaigns we looked at earnings per click between married men and non married men. Married men were higher earnings.

If you have a specific budget you want to put it into the highest ROI demographics. Not only that, putting it in the right place leads to higher positive reviews and more testimonials.

Remember, you are trying to have the right conversations and exchanges with the right people. . 

3. What Bad Demographic Marketing Looks Like

Being aware of your demographics and understanding who you can best serve is as important as having good SEO content strategyIf you’re not segmenting, you’d best start now.

SEO Strategy

I love making YouTube videos and I like watching them too. Now, here’s a classic mistake I see. Marketing directors plaster ads all over channels and they waste a ton of money. They don’t even stop once to consider demographics. 

Why Am I Seeing This?

For instance, I’m a man, and I’ll sometimes see advertising for female sweaters or even bras. What a waste of money and time. It also makes me question those businesses. Why are they skipping this step? 

I should not be seeing this content, unless of course I have a history of searching these items (which of course I don’t!). It’s so easy to turn this stuff off and target effectively inside our ad platforms.

8 Demographic Marketing Segmentation Examples

To get you started on demographic marketing, I’m going to give you some audience types you can start to segment and organize with.

  1. Married
  2. Sex
  3. Country
  4. State
  5. City
  6. Children
  7. Political Affiliation
  8. Income Level

Sometimes you can see clear patterns with each of these. And sometimes you have to combine a few of them to see clear trends. But, the big picture is to start looking!

If you see that women who live in Alabama convert 10x higher than men who live in Idaho that’s a huge discovery. And then obviously you want to double down on those women in Alabama!

4. Get With The Demographic Marketing Times

Demographic MarketingTimes have changed, and we have capability we never had before. Facebook and the Google ad networks have demographic segmentation tools that are so easy to use.

Put Down The Blow Torch

So, let me put it very simply If you’re not using demographic marketing, you’re burning money. Most people skip this step or don’t use it to it’s potential. 

Segmentation StrategyFocus on this strategy and start using the tools now. Look at the data and dial in your business. Don’t be oblivious, demographic marketing is the way of the future.

My name is Steve Nixon. Thank you so much for watching and reading. If you enjoyed this video and article, I encourage you to visit us at or on YouTube. Thanks, I’ll see you soon

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