Cross Channel Marketing – 5 Techniques You Must Use

cross channel marketingWant to learn about cross-channel marketing? Want to learn how to implement cross channel marketing properly in your business?

In today’s video and article we’re going to explore how cross channel marketing can increase sales, grow revenue, and bring customers back to your business.

Well be exploring five different techniques that I’ve used over the years that had been really effective things you’re really going to enjoy this video.

Cross Channel Marketing Video Tutorial

1. Cross Channel Marketing Using Ad Networks

cross channel marketingThe very first technique we’re going to talk about is real easy to set up.  You don’t need to be an insane coder or anything like that.

Just add Facebook, Google Ads, Taboola, & Twitter pixels to your site.

This allows you to retarget visitors who don’t complete the desired action on your site.

In a perfect execution of a buyers journey through a sales funnel they’d visit the site, go to a product purchase page, click checkout, and then buy something.

But, we all know that not everybody does that. So, by retargeting the visitor again at the funnel point in which they bounced you can continue to help them move lower in your funnel.

And by doing this via another channel you can reengage the prospect again. This is foundational cross channel marketing.

2. Cross Channel Marketing Social Network Prospects

In the last tip I taught you about what happens when people find you initially through visiting your website first. Then, retargeting them again through social or ad networks.

facebook retargetingBut, what do you do if they initially found you through a social network and haven’t visited your site yet?

Maybe they’ve liked one of your posts or ads on Facebook. Maybe they’ve watched 25% of 1 of your videos on a social platform or liked your Facebook page.

Well, that doesn’t mean they’re ready to buy yet.

In fact, from a buying intent perspective, a like on Facebook is fairly low intent. But, it’s something to build from.

At this point, you want to deepen that relationship by sending them a piece of content that goes back to your site.

How To Understand Buying Intent & Social Networks

Most of the people at this stage are very early prospects. That means they are very much at the top part of the funnel and most haven’t shown any buying intent yet.

Heck, they don’t know you, like you, or trust you yet.

People don’t buy from companies they don’t know, like, or trust.

blog post adsSo, I like to show them ads that feature some of our best performing blog posts. Give value first.

It’s very important that you start to build that relationship off the Facebook platform and bring them into your own ecosystem (otherwise known as your site.)

Again, we’re using cross channel marketing to deepen the relationship and get them into your funnel.

Additionally, by actually taking action and clicking through something you’re getting clearer symbols that they really are interested in this topic.

They’re showing through their actions that they’re willing to take some sort of action to learn more or solve their problem.

3. Google Display Network & The Pot Of Gold

cross channel marketingNow, the next technique is is absolutely underutilized by most people in today’s day and age.

Everybody is in love with Facebook Ads. I like Facebook Ads too.

I’ve made a lot of money with Facebook Ads.

But, my favorite ad network out there for cross channel marketing is the Google Display Network.

Most people are familiar with retargeting using Facebook ads. But, very few people are aware of the power of retargeting using the Google Display Network.

Now, why do I love the Google Display Network so much?

Well, when people come to Facebook they’re not really going in with any buying intent.

buying intentThey’re going to kill time, see Aunt Bertha’s cat pictures, look at baby pictures, or maybe argue politics.

Are they actively looking for your product while on Facebook? 99.9% of people aren’t.

They’re not necessarily always in a buying mood when they’re on the Facebook platform. But, when they visit other sites or are doing active searching there is more specific intent behind their actions.

Using the Google Display Network, you can basically target almost any website out there that shows Google AdSense ads.

The Retargeting Power Of GDN

And you can retarget people all across the internet. Millions of sites show Google Adsense ads.

And best of all you can retarget them on sites that relate only to your product or service. There is tons more buying intent in that type of behavior.

For example, if you’re selling financial services, wouldn’t it make more sense to retarget them on the Wall Street Journal as opposed to right next to Aunt Bertha’s cat picture on Facebook?

cross channel marketingThey’re visiting a financial site. Which from a behavioral psychology standpoint shows a lot of intent. And those are easier prospects to sell to!

To quote Snoop Dog here, “There mind is on their money and their money is on their mind!”

“The Celebrity Effect” Of Cross Channel Marketing

Another added benefit of retargeting is that either you, your product, or your service can appear in front of your prospect all over the internet.

This can create a “mini celebrity effect” for what you have to offer.

In the early stages when you’re prospect sees you everything they’ll think, “Man, this guy is all over the internet,” or, “That sweater’s everywhere that I saw earlier. Wow, people must really be liking it.”

It’s an easy way to appear like a bigger brand than you are too.

This can be really helpful from a price positioning perspective to.

Plus, you’re keeping yourself that top of mind, right.

Now, Google Display Network can get kind of expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing.

But, if you invest the time in learning the platform it’s absolute gold.

4. Youtube’s Role In Cross Channel Marketing

cross channel marketingAll right, this next cross-channel marketing technique is really cool because it starts from my favorite channel there is, YouTube.

As you can tell, I like to put out lots of different videos in all my different businesses. It’s something I enjoy doing to give value to the community out there.

If you also make content videos for your prospects then you can leverage the power of organic Youtube search.

This is another under utilized cross channel marketing technique.

The Special Relationship Between Youtube & Google Ads

Google owns YouTube.

So if they watch one of your organic YouTube videos, you can set it up where you can then show those people search ads.

cross channel marketingFrom a cross channel perspective you can build audiences inside Google Ads that watch any or all of your videos.

You can then show them ads via search or the Google Display Network.

And again if they’re watching your organic videos they’ve shown through they’re actions that there is some intention there.

Show them an ad that helps push them down the funnel.

This is a super effective technique. You’re just using some simple marketing automation. Cross-channel marketing for the win again.

5. Using Amazon For Lead Generation

amazon lead generationAll right, our final technique we’re going to talk about  is using Amazon Books as a starting point in your cross channel marketing.

So many people are not doing this. And yes, they’re leaving money on the table.

Most people don’t realize this but Amazon is also a search platform too.

Here’s what you do. You publish a few ebooks and put them on the Amazon platform.

And better yet, when people are searching on Amazon they have a higher buying intent than on many other channels.

lead generationInside those eBooks you have plenty of calls to action towards a free bonus, free MP3 download, or something super awesome that’ll make your prospect or your customer say, “Yes, I got to have that!”

What you do is you have some sort of download area and then you just send them out to a squeeze page or just something where they’re interacting with your website again.

This allows you to gather an email and also pixel your prospects.

They start via Amazon and you’re using CTAs inside your book to build a relationship through additional channels.

In a perfect scenario you can capture an email, pixel them in a Facebook audience, Taboola audience, Youtube audience, and a GDN audience too!

The Amazon Ebook Strategy Expanded

amazon lead generationNow, how do we do the Amazon Books so we can get people to your website? Okay, well, it’s very simple for eBooks.

Put out a great book. Get some reviews of the book inside the platform so it ranks higher inside Amazon’s algorithm.

Then, throughout the book have lots of calls to action for upgraded bonuses in exchange for an email.

Remember, ebooks aren’t always a big money maker themselves unless you’re selling at mass volume. The real power is their lead generation capabilities.

Now, the book’s got to be cool. You don’t want to have crap stuff that you’re putting out to your market.

Make something great that people enjoy consuming. When they see how much value you’re giving for such little money, it’s easier to build a trusted relationship to sell higher priced products and services later.

Cross Channel Marketing Next Steps

cross channel marketingIn this article and video we explore 5 different cross-channel marketing techniques.

There’s a lot more, but we don’t have time to go over everything right now. I’ll create more content in the future that goes further.

In the meantime, if you’re brand new, don’t get overwhelmed. Yes, eventually you’ll want to do all of them. But, you don’t have to master all of them on day 1.

Start with just 1 of these cross channel marketing techniques and  you’re really going to see a big lift in your business.

Remember, people are buying using multiple touch points these days. Make sure you bring in that concept in your marketing. You’re going to love the results you see.

My name is Steve Nixon. Thank you so much for watching, and I’ll see you again soon.

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