Website Content Strategy – 3 Techniques You Need

Website Content StrategyWant to learn what the leaders do for website content strategy? Do you know why some websites top the search engines, get the most views, likes, shares, comments, engagement and most importantly sales?

In today’s video and article we are going to cover three website content strategies that will put your business miles ahead of the pack.

We will show how these three techniques (when used correctly) directly result in a ton of sales and a lasting relationship with your customers that will keep on giving and growing exponentially.

Website Content Strategy Video Tutorial

1. Website Content Strategy SEO

The first technique we will discuss is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO. This is the more technical strategy, where we increase traffic and visibility of your website or web page.

Website Content StrategyWe do this by creating content based on what your prospects are really searching for. Then we get them to engage with your brand, click on your links and get them to your eCommerce store asap.

Now we can take them thru our next steps (or funnels), where they will be purchasing your product or service, opting in to your email list or whatever you want the next step to be.

Pros and Cons To Know Ahead Of Time

The PRO’S are that you can create clear content that you know your prospects are searching for and the search volume there.

The CON’S are that the SEO content starts very dry and you must be creative and have a good writer to make it come to life.

I’ve seen plenty bland and boring SEO articles that prospects are never going to buy from. I’ve also seen articles that were so engaging, I didn’t think SEO once while reading and purchasing.

2. Website Content Strategy Problem Solution

Website Content Strategy

Once you have your SEO in action, we go to our next technique called Problem Solution Content Marketing.

You’ve got search volume and market awareness now, so our follow up move is to start talking to the problems and pain your customers are experiencing.

Turning Customer Pain Into Your Solution

Once you are able to identify and voice their pain, you kindly show them how your product will solve their problem and take away the pain. Simple as that

You create articles about your product fixing the problems customers have, how it’s worked for many and get testimonials along the way. These are gold and lead us to our final technique.

3. Website Content Strategy Testimonials

SEOOur last website content strategy is called Testimonial Based Storytelling and has to be done in a very effective way.

If you don’t take this seriously and put your best mind to work, it will not convince anybody (including yourself). When it’s done effectively, this website content strategy is a slam dunk.

Basically you will be using a concept called “The Hero’s Journey,” a classic archetype storytelling technique that you can use to earn your prospective buyers trust right from the start.

The Hero’s Journey

Website Content StrategyYou tell the story of when someone (a customer, yourself) was down and out, had all these particular problems, and then saw your article/link and POOF… Everything transformed all because they bought your goods.

Countless hit movies have used the Hero’s Journey, The Matrix, Rocky, Lord of The Rings, Star Wars, and you can use it too!

4. Website Content Strategy Don’t Forget

As you implement these techniques make sure you’re fun and engaging. It’s all about people seeing others succeed with your product or service and relating.

MarketingDon’t forget, you are building a strong referral based relationship with your prospects and buyers.

Be authentic, be true and you won’t lose. This will make you tons of sales and a lot of money.

My name is Steve Nixon. Thank you so much for watching and reading. If you enjoyed this video and article, I encourage you to visit us at strategysamurai.com or on YouTube. Thanks, I’ll see you soon





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