Retargeting Marketing – The Ultimate Guide

Retargeting MarketingDid you know 97% of site visitors don’t buy on the first visit? You’ve done the hard part already. It’s time to learn Retargeting Marketing!

In today’s video and article we will unveil eight powerful retargeting marketing techniques that will save sales and get you customers.

Retargeting Marketing Video Tutorial

1. Start Retargeting Marketing At The Top

Retargeting MarketingIn our guide we will be referencing a traditional sales funnel. The top of the funnel are people merely aware of your product or service.

The middle are people considering your product, and the bottom are hot prospects or existing customers. Now let’s begin!

Why Introducing More Content Is Key To Opening Doors

Strategy one is to introduce more content and warm them up. Send them something they can reengage with like a blog. Check out website content strategy for more ideas.

They visited your site, browsed around, but they haven’t shown buyer intent. Who knows how they got there, facebook, random search? Start building a relationship.

It can take up to seven touch points before a purchase is made. If they’ve only had a twenty second touch point with your business, they just need more.

Why “Email Opt -In” Is The King

Retargeting MarketingOur second strategy is the almighty email opt-in. It is so important to send visitors on your website to an opt-in offer.

Give them something free in exchange for their email or phone number so you can continue retargeting marketing to them.

If you have volume coming in to your website, and you’re not doing this, you are leaving a ton of money on the table.

Email squeeze pages are paramount to your online business and email marketing metrics success.

How To Use The Low Dollar Offer

Our third strategy is to send them a low dollar offer. Leads coming from email opt-in can get expensive and take a while to break even. 

Retargeting MarketingSend them a free plus shipping offer, where the shipping cost covers the product cost, or an offer that’s a super affordable no-brainer.

The best part is that you’re acquiring customers instead of leads! The best people on your email list are the ones who’ve made a purchase.

2. Retargeting Marketing: Don’t Belittle The Middle

Our next retargeting marketing strategies are for the middle of the funnel, prospects who’ve shown buying intent but not pulled the trigger.

(Check out our cross channel marketing blog for 5 essential techniques to bring customers in from everywhere).

Sales FunnelThey’re just about to buy, and then they don’t. We want to know why. Most often they have objections. This takes us to our fourth strategy.

How To Handle Buyer Objections 

Is the product any good? Has anybody used it before? Am I going to get my money’s worth? Do I trust the return policy? These are all legitimate concerns.

What we want to do is land mine the objection before they even think of it. Send ads and post info that details and handles the objection up front.

Use hypothetical situations like “You probably wonder if we’re any good?” Then answer it or tell the story of a satisfied customer. Which leads to our fifth strategy.

When Testimonials Are Best 

Retargeting MarketingSocial proof will help people make their buying decision. We live in a review culture.  Ads and videos of happy customers say everything.

They don’t feel alone when they see other people having a great buying experience with your product or service.

If you don’t have any testimonials or reviews, get them NOW. If you have to give your product away for free, DO IT

3. Lets Get To The Bottom Of Retargeting Marketing

The last three strategies are for the bottom of your funnel. They found you, visited your website. They’ve even filled their shopping cart and POOF, they ghost you!

Why Did They Abandon The Shopping Cart?

Retargeting Marketing

You want to target people who do not complete their purchases. Our sixth strategy is the abandoned shopping cart campaign

They’re the hottest prospects and didn’t buy. They got distracted, got a call, don’t have their credit card on them. They meant too, but got distracted.

Take them through an ad campaign of: “You left this in the cart… Come back to complete your purchase… We love you!” Doing this will the game and exponentially up your sales.

Speaking of abandon cart, I also recommend you check out our video and article on marketing automation.

Never Discount The Discount

Our seventh strategy is the discount campaign. Offer them a discount or incentive for buying. Everybody loves a discount.

Retargeting MarketingAs we talked about in the price positioning guide, it’s the oldest and most reliable sales tool in history.

It can be as simple as “20% off if you purchase in the next 24 hours,” or “Free shipping.”

Don’t underestimate the power of a discount, they are simple, flexible and easy to scale for any product. Speaking of products!

When Is The Best Time To Show More Products

Once you’ve had a great experience with your customer and they’ve checked out. You show them more products, our last strategy number eight. The one that gets you more!

Retargeting MarketingDo they know all your products and services and the ways that you can improve their life? That’s the final retargeting marketing technique.

Show them the next product they need to get more value out of what they just bought, or a new product. Have fun using this guide.

My name is Steve Nixon. Thank you so much for watching and reading. If you enjoyed this video and article, I encourage you to visit us at strategysamurai.com or on YouTube. Thanks, I’ll see you soon

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