SEO Content Strategy – The #1 Most Costly Mistake

 SEO Content StrategyWant to learn about SEO content marketing strategy? Do you want to know the #1 most costly mistake? Do you want to learn the right way to do it and save years of trial and error?

In today’s video and article we explore the #1 mistake that costs you the most and the strategy that will start catapulting your income today.

We’ll talk about the two different SEO content marketing strategies. The right way and the wrong way.

SEO Content Strategy Video Tutorial

1. SEO Content Strategy The Wrong Way

So let’s talk about the wrong way. The way most people are doing it. The most costly mistake in their SEO marketing strategy.

People think they know their product or service and what they’re offering. They create SEO content based on their experience as an entrepreneur, marketing director etc…

But are they ever having conversations with their actual prospects?

What You Dont Know

Do you really know who you are selling to? Do you wonder what your prospective buyers are thinking? What drives them? Are they changing? Where do they go and why?

FIRST you need to know what your prospective buyers really want from you, what they are really looking for and how they think about getting it.

SECOND and most importantly you need to know what they are actually searching for and the language they are using to find it.

If you are not using the correct SEO content marketing strategy you are just guessing based on own opinion.

This is not only shortsighted, it’s terminally limiting and detrimental to your pocket book, confidence and business as a whole.

2. SEO Content Strategy Stop Guessing And Discover

What to do instead is stop guessing and know. Google Ads is a brilliant tool, limitless in creative potential, customization and applicability.

SEO Content StrategyGoogle Ads is not just a platform for building ads.

When used to it’s potential, Google Ads will tell you exactly what terms people are searching for and WHO is looking for your product or service.

BOOM, just like that, you are now on the inside!

You are able to learn the language, behaviors and trends of your prospective buyers. What they want, when they want it, price positioning, what they want to pay, etc… No more guessing!

Using Google’s Full Potential

What you want to do is start typing in key phrases, just starter ideas that you may have. This is where you can guess. They might be wrong in the beginning, but it’s okay.

Now you have a concrete starting point of what people are actually searching for, when they are looking for your product or service, and how they are looking for it.

SEO Content StrategyGoogle will tell you everything you need to know!

What Google will do is tell you how many people (per month) actually searched for your key phrase or term. They are also going to give you additional suggestions from there.

What you want to do is start tracking, keeping marketing metrics, and taking note of the best terms that have the highest search volume and pay attention to trends over time.

This data-driven approach is bullet proof and will save you hours, days, and years of trial and error.

It is not based on hypothetic’s, hearsay or personal opinion. Don’t spend another second guessing, Google is telling you what to do. Google is the king of search and your best friend.

3. SEO Content Strategy Now You Know

SEO Content StrategyNow you’ve made it to the promised land. You are now creating new SEO marketing content, and marketing strategies specifically based on what people are REALLY searching for.

Of course you have to make high quality content. It must be entertaining, useful and help people make easy decisions.

Now you are data-driven verses opinion, knowing verses guessing.

Go with the data driven approach to SEO content marketing, have fun and use your creativity in the right way and in the right places at the right time.

Watch your business grow before your eyes and and turn your time into gold!

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