How Pull Marketing Can Grow Your Business

Pull MarketingWant to pull prospects in naturally and create great customer relationships? Pull marketing will help generate buzz and attract buyers before you even release offers!

In today’s video and article we cover 5 techniques to grow your business, attract prospects, and help move customers through your sales funnel without pushing them.

Pull Marketing Video Tutorial

1. Why Pull Marketing Beats Outbound Marketing 

Pull MarketingPull marketing is inbound marketing. Creating content that gets prospects and customers to come to you or even come back if you’re retargeting marketing and looking for a second opportunities.

Outbound marketing is cold calling, door to door sales, cold emailing. It has a lower return on investment and takes a ton of time and resource. It’s also given sales a bad reputation for being pushy.

What we want to do is get our prospects and leads coming to us. Use inviting methods, that build a relationship with your customers, get them to trust you and think of you as a key resource.

SEO Is The Pull Marketing You Need To Know

SEO Content StrategyOur first technique is search engine optimization (SEO). It’s the art of putting out helpful content on YouTube, a blog post, that’s keyword optimized and hooks your ideal prospects and customers.

Your SEO content is peppered with keywords and language your customers use, that search engines recognize and connect to their searches.

It’s non-intrusive, and introduces your brand organically. For more information on SEO, check out my SEO content strategy blog post where I give some really helpful tips.

2. How Pull Marketing Works Subconsciously

Pull marketing is versatile and can work subconsciously. Our second technique is product placement, and there’s an older version and newer version of doing it.

Price PositionYou’ve probably seen a movie where someone is driving a brand new BMW and they zoom in and stall on the BMW logo for a hot second. That’s the old version.

They didn’t call you from the dealership, trying to work their price positioning or negotiate a deal. They just tried to influence you subconsciously and plant the idea.

What’s The Modern Version Of Product Placement?

The modern version of product placement is what we call influencer marketing. There are a ton of online celebrities and youtube influencers. You bet they’re getting paid to do the same thing!

Pull MarketingThey’ll take a picture with your product, mention your service in a video, endorse, and even recommend it. These influencers can often fly under the radar (not commonly known), but check their number of followers.

For more on the benefits and possibilities of celebrity product placement and endorsements, check out my section called “The Celebrity Effect” in my cross channel marketing article.

3. Where Pull Marketing Works Organically

The third technique is organic social media marketing or just organic marketing. It’s different than a Facebook or Twitter ad. It’s finding customers naturally verses paid links or boosted posts.

website content strategyFor example, I’m not selling anything right now, I’m giving you information. You’re engage with my brand organically. It’s a soft and powerful way of building that relationship.

Customer relationships are also built in the language you use. Be informative, solve problems, understand them when using social media or anywhere. For more about understanding customers and solving problems, check out my website content strategy post.

4. When Pull Marketing Becomes A Lead Magnet

Our forth technique is the lead magnet. It’s some sort of free video, free report, free something that makes your ideal prospect and customer say, “I have got to have this!”

All you’re asking for in exchange is a phone number, email, or some form of contact that you can start building that mutually beneficial relationship with.

Marketing AutomationI build a lot of lead magnets, giving value and getting contacts. Then I start pull marketing and combining other strategies like demographic marketing to ensure success.

Even My Video Guy Knows What’s Up

True story, I was talking with my video guy while filming this video for this blog post and when we got to this chapter he told me a lead magnet experience he had.

Hunter (my video guy) loves to do drone photography and drone videos. He was google searching and came across a free report of 12 tips to the best drone photography in the world. Hunter couldn’t help himself and signed up.

He said the report built a connection with the brand and he couldn’t miss the mention of where to buy the best drones. When it’s done right, it’s not pushy sales, it’s helpful and a great way to get leads!

(Lead magnets work even better when they’re instant and automated. In fact lead magnet delivery is one my marketing automation must haves. If you want to learn more about my automation strategy check out my marketing automation article now to start fixing this.)

5. The Most Underutilized Pull Marketing Method

Pull MarketingOur last technique is the advertorial (advertising editorial) or native advertising. Advertorials are one of the most underutilized techniques when it comes to getting leads into your business.

It looks like you’re reading a helpful article or “how to article,” educating you along the way, only there’s a call to action, or angle toward a product or service.

They’re educating you to click to the solution they mentioned multiple times. It’s a smooth way to sell. Some advertorials can be aggressive, but no where near as much as outbound marketing.

Why You’re Pulling Marketing For The Long Run

Pull MarketingDon’t forget you’re attracting customers to you, not persuading them. When they come to you, the customer relationship is built on trust and has way more potential for longevity.

My name is Steve Nixon. Thank you so much for watching and reading. If you enjoyed this video and article, I encourage you to visit us at strategysamurai.com or on YouTube. Thanks, I’ll see you soon

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