Email Campaigns – The Essential Guide

Email CampaignsEver run out of new campaign ideas or wonder what the experts do to stay one step ahead? Email Campaigns are the name of the game and (trust me) you want to know as many as possible!

In today’s video and article I will give you 14 essential email campaigns that will keep your business grooving with fresh ways to get make your email sales fun and easy.

14 Email Campaigns Video Tutorial

1. Why Email Campaigns Are The Name Of The Game

Today you’ll learn essential email campaigns that you need to be running inside your business on a yearly and daily basis. We’re going to go over the absolute best ones that I use all the time.

Email CampaignsIt’s easy to have a couple great campaign ideas, and I’m sure you’ll know some of the ones I’ll be discussing. But business is a marathon not a sprint and before long you can run out and wish you had more

You’re going to learn a ton of ways to make email sales. It’s so important to keep good records. Be sure to circle back and read my email marketing metrics blog for some great ways to keep track.

2. How Email Campaigns Nurture And Win Back Sales 

The first campaign you want to be running is the “nurture and engagement campaign”. When someone first comes on your email list it’s critical to build a bond by letting them know what you have going on.

Give value first and frequently. This is something you should have automated in the beginning, either using some type of marketing automation or sequencing it manually and staying on top of it.

Once somebody comes in as a lead or customer, start nurturing and engaging. Start building the relationship right Email Campaignsaway. If you’re immediately sell, sell, sell, that’s a turn off for prospects and customers.

When They Love Your Brand And Tell Their Friends

Number two is the “email referral campaign”. I always automate this inside my business. When somebody has a great customer experience, I make sure they go into a referral system.

I create an opportunity for them to give testimonials, tell their stories and refer people to our business in a particular way. In my website content strategy blog, I go over more ways to use testimonials and storytelling.

What about customers that haven’t bought in awhile? You need our third, “the win back campaign”. It’s designed to regenerate interest. Do a special offer or customer appreciation sale, the sky is the limit.

3. What Email Campaigns Can Up Your Sales 

Our fourth campaign is the “up-sell/cross-sale campaign”. This campaign strategy didn’t get it’s name for nothing. You keep going, you don’t stop at the initial sale. At the point of sale offer upgrades, add-ons, more!

Email CampaignsFast food is the perfect example. Supersize, add a drink, add some fries. This is where understanding price positioning and knowing how your products or services work to bring value really comes in to play.

Keep Them Moving Up And Up

Number five is “the ascension campaign”. People start out buying something small to test you and make sure you can deliver value. Once you deliver, take them through the next logical (steps) products.

Get them ascending by offering more value through each offer. If they bought a book, offer a set. Next could be a coaching program. Each product increasing in value helping ascend to the next level.

4. How To Re-Engage Your Email Campaigns 

Our sixth is “the re-engagement campaign”. This one is so important. If you run a lot of sales promos through SEO Content Strategyemail, you can wear your customers out. Re-engage them by sending free value in between.

Instead of constantly pitching sales over and over, build trust and loyalty again. Keep the life time value going up by alternating from sales promos to free helpful information on how to use your products or services.

What To Do If They Abandon Ship

Our seventh and eighth are the “abandoned shopping cart” and “abandoned sales page campaigns”. They visit your website, go to your sales page, fill their shopping carts up, get distracted and bounce!

Email CampaignsYou see the amount of intention behind these steps. These are people who are really engaged just at the last second for whatever reason they didn’t buy. Send them a coupon or something to just remind them they have items in their cart.

“Hey, you left something in your shopping cart.” Here’s a 10% coupon plus a hat and a big hug. Whatever you need to get your prospects to feel comfortable buying again.

5. Why You Need The “Reason Why” In Email Campaigns

Number nine is “the reason why campaign”. So many random campaigns dropping offers and promo discounts with no reason. A reason why helps people understand the marketing message and get behind it.

There’s a classic study where people standing in a long line for at a copy machine would let someone cut in front. A small percent said yes. When the cutter said, “I have to get my kid to the dentist.” it was almost 100%.

And keep in mind that the “reason Email Campaignswhy” can change depending on the group or audience type. Studying the demographics like Age, sex, income level, really helps.

(Read my Demographic marketing blog to learn more about groups and audience types)

When To Use Product Launch Email Campaigns

Our tenth campaign is the product launch. I can’t believe I still see businesses just adding products into their store, not telling anybody about it.

For some of you this one is obvious, but sadly it’s so often a missed opportunity. They’re like, “Well, I hope they just kind of see it.” Get people excited, let them know, “Hey, new thing is coming!” Make it an event.

6. Don’t Forget Black Cyber Email Campaigns

Eleven and twelve are similar. It’s the “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday campaigns”. During those 2 days people are already in buying mode. It’s already triggered in their minds. This is the time to buy!

You hardly need a discount, it’s an ingrained habit for most consumers. Like the product launch, so many businesses don’t do it. You’re missing tons of sales if you’re not marketing on these days.

Retargeting MarketingWe always recommend you run different offers for each day.

What To Do For New Years 

Number thirteen is “the new years campaign”. People are setting new resolutions, new goals. “I’m going to make more money this year, I’m going to buy your product or service this year.”

It sounds like an exaggeration, but your product or service can absolutely be a new years resolution. And don’t be afraid to use retargeting marketing and remind them after new years if they don’t buy immediately.

Crush your value presentation, or warm them up with some email nurturing over a period of time. The key is to educate them and don’t underestimate the impact your brand can have on peoples lives.

7. Tune In To The Email Campaigns Cross-Channel

Cross Channel MarketingOur fourteenth and final campaign is “cross channel marketing in combo with email”. It’s time to get your prospects and customers to engage throughout your channels on the web.

Open rates can go down, Don’t get stuck only using the email channel. Be omnipresent on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc… Get them all in sync like a fine tuned engine firing on all cylinders.

Study my cross channel marketing blog for more strategies to beef up your omnipresence. Get them to engage on all channels. Paint the big picture of your brand for your prospects and customers to see all over the web.

You Have It All So Don’t Think Small

You got the essential guide to email campaigns. Fourteen battle-tested techniques to grow your business Email Campaignsand keep yourself one step ahead. Start with one and have fun. Keep them all in mind and use them in time.

My name is Steve Nixon. Thank you so much for watching and reading. If you enjoyed this video and article, I encourage you to visit us at strategysamurai.com or on YouTube. Thanks, I’ll see you soon

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