Ecommerce Email Marketing – 5 Insider Secrets

Ecommerce Email Marketing Want to bring your store right to your customers inbox with Ecommerce Email Marketing? It’s all about convenience and making the decision to buy as easy as possible.

In today’s video and article I offer five secrets of the trade. These e-commerce campaigns will improve you and your customers lives in so many ways, starting today.

Ecommerce Email Marketing Video Tutorial

1. How Transactional Ecommerce Email Marketing Works

The first campaign secret we’re going to talk about is transactional email marketing. Automated emails, triggered by an interaction like abandoned shopping carts or purchase receipts.

Most people are completely underestimating and using transactional emails the wrong way. These automated emails Ecommerce Email Marketinghave one of the highest engagement rates of any type of email that goes out.

Use that! On the bottom of the transactional email, give another offer. “If you like this, check this product out.” Or “Here’s a special offer that will give you way more value out of what you just purchased.”

(Check out my marketing automation blog for some other great ways to get creative using automation.)

2. When To Reward With Ecommerce Email Marketing 

One of my favorite Ninja e-commerce email marketing secrets is to set up an automated email after purchase that rewards your buyers for sending in a testimonial, preferably a video testimonial.

You must understand your prospect and customer in terms of what’s going to get them to take action. That means implementing demographic marketing and knowing the different groups you’re serving.

Is it a free product, a discount on the next one, a coaching call from you? Whatever it is, get them to email you a Price Positioning“yes, I loved it because X, Y,Z.” Authentic, homemade cell phone videos are gold!

What Have You Done For Me Lately?

There’s a common philosophy in business that it’s not about getting the first sale, it’s about the next sale. What have you done for them lately? Our third strategy is to encourage the next sale.

Let them know you’re going in the same direction. Send out two or three next purchase emails. Use coupons or play with price positioning. You earned a sale already, maybe you don’t need to be the cheapest anymore.

I will say that scarcity is your friend. Give a reason that now is the time to buy. You can’t just say this coupon is good for forever. Everyone needs a little motivation and it doesn’t have to be pushy.

3.”How To Use” Ecommerce Email Marketing Campaign 

Our fourth secret is the “How To Use” e-commerce email marketing campaign. It’s so underused Website Content Strategyamongst marketers. I know this because returns and refund rates are so high on average.

Just because somebody buys, doesn’t mean they keep. People buy stuff all the time that they don’t use. Refund rates can spike. They change their minds, make excuses like “I was really sad when I bought it.”

Can I Get A Little Help Over Here?

They bought it, but need help getting value out of it. Send info on how to use it and how it solves their problems. For more ideas, check out the “problem solution” chapter in my website content strategy blog.

It comes across as super helpful, not a sales type thing. You get to build loyalty and help them while lowering your refund rate. Everybody wins!

4.Why Ecommerce Email Marketing Won’t Abandon You 

Ecommerce Email MarketingOur last secret is the abandoned shopping cart campaign. It’s a classic and so many clients I talk to don’t use it in their businesses. Of course they do after I talk with them.

They’ve gone all the way down your funnel. They checked out your content, added to their cart, got distracted, something stopped them, and for whatever reason they didn’t purchase.

There’s so much buyer intent there. Give a nudge, help them complete the transaction. Use retargeting marketing and send abandoned shopping cart emails. There is a really high ROI in this type of campaign.

“E” Stands For “Easy” In Ecommerce Email Marketing

There we have it. Five easy e-commerce email marketing campaigns you can use. Keep track of your email marketing metrics, see whats working, whats not and have fun while honing it in.

RetargetingIdeally use all five, but even one is fine as well. Just get moving, anything helps. You’re going to like the results you see in your business when you start exploring.

My name is Steve Nixon. Thank you so much for watching and reading. If you enjoyed this video and article, I encourage you to visit us at or on YouTube. Thanks, I’ll see you soon

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