Millionaire Mentor: 1 Life-Changing Piece of Advice

In 2014, a millionaire mentor gave me this 1 life-changing piece of advice over a game of skee-ball.

Using it in my business led me to build a really great business and I sincerely hope it helps you too.

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Advice From A Millionaire Mentor

Millionaire MentorI hope the lesson in this story can help you build a great business like it did for me…

In today’s article I’m going to show you how playing skee-ball with a buddy flipped my entire business strategy around.

Alright, so check this story out.

The year was 2014, I was out in Boulder, Colorado, and I was hanging with one of my friends who was extremely wealthy.

How’s A Millionaire Mentor Different Than You?

Can you imagine what a multi-millionaire looks like?

How they dress, what kind of cars they drive, how they act, and how they behave?

The internet gives us a picture of some rich guy up in an ivory tower.

We think he dresses in the latest fashion, drives exotic sports cars, lives in a huge mansion, and always has a Rolex on his arm.

Steve NixonWhen I met up with my mentor back in 2014 I realized he that he was just like me.

We were out partying, eating tacos, drinking margaritas, beers, and having a fantastic time.

He was partying and enjoying the night just like anyone else.

There’s nothing really special about him.

I didn’t think he was any smarter than me yet at the same time, he had many millions of dollars.

And I had not yet made many millions of dollars.

What’s he doing differently?

What Was The Life-Changing Piece Of Advice?

It wasn’t through a practical tip like objection handling or Facebook ads strategy.

It’s what he did instead…

We go into our last stop for the night at a bar.

And there is a skee-ball machine so the two of us start to play skee-ball.

Business GrowthWhen we start off and I’m way ahead of him.

If you haven’t seen a skee-ball machine before there’s:

  • 10’s
  • 20’s
  • 30’s
  • 40’s
  • 50’s

The 10’s and 20’s are really easy to get. Sort of like a layup in basketball.

You can easily hit them all day.

So I’m hitting 2 out of 3 10’s and I’m way ahead of this guy.

Now, why am I way ahead?

What does he do?

Well, he’s not going for the 10s.

He’s only going for the 50’s.

His Secret For Building Massive Wealth

Business GrowthGo big or go home.

After missing his shots all night long he finally begins to hit the 50’s.

By the end of the game, he ends up hitting two 50s and I ended up with a 50 score myself.

He has twice as much as me.

What’s the lesson?

Instead of going for these little nickel and dime type 10s…

I should have been going big like he was.

And that’s actually his mindset when it comes to wealth creation as well.

Always aiming for the home runs.

In business, go big or go home.

The Takeaway From This Millionaire

Even if you miss…

When you find the thing that is so massively scalable you can only have to be right once.

That’s what worked for him.

Marketing FunnelSo right now, if you’re going for those 10s like I was at that point, stop it.

Go for bigger things and bigger opportunities even if you’re missing along the way.

All you have to do is be right once or twice with the 50…

And you’ll seriously build an amazing life.

My name is Steve Nixon and if the lesson you learned in this article helped you out, I would be honored if you checked out my Strategy Samurai YouTube Channel for more videos on topics like it.