Time Management Strategies To Increase Your Productivity

These time management strategies can drastically increase your daily productivity.

A lot of people make critical mistakes with how they spend their time throughout the workday. Today we’ll figure out how to make the most money for you.

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The First Step in Time Management

What you want to do is map out exactly how much time you’re spending on each individual task.

Every time I work with a client, this is the first step that we do.

You just want to map out how you’re spending your time throughout the week. Quantify it into an actual number.

  • I spend 6 hours writing blog posts
  • 4 hours are put towards answering emails
  • 7 hours on Facebook Ads
  • 12 hours watching YouTube videos
  • 8 hours on sales calls.

For many clients we often see a significant portion of their time spent on non-revenue generating tasks.

And that in itself is a major weakness.

Time Management & Optimization Strategies

time managementAfter we start working together, we build out strategies to optimize their time.

I tell them, “Make sure the majority of your time is spent on activities that actually generate revenue.”

What I want you to do right now is just start mapping out your time.

It doesn’t need to be perfect. Even a ballpark figure puts things into perspective.

The truth is that everybody’s going to waste some time throughout the week.

It’s very important to be honest with yourself.

You might realize, “Oh wow, I spent an hour more this week than I should have on Facebook.”

You meant to go check the comments section on your Facebook page.

And then you get distracted by watching cat videos on Facebook or something.

When you have things written down, it’s extremely helpful.

Time Management Strategies: Phase 2

time management strategiesNow is when you begin to spend your time on more income-generating activities.

Put more times towards Alpha Dog Time tasks.

What are some examples of those activities?

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Structuring large deals
  • Building funnels to acquire new leads
  • Reconnecting with prospects on the phone
  • Following a content multiplication plan that would attract more leads
  • Building new products or services

You could also build out new back-end offers, add new upsells or downsells, work on your sales skills.

Things that actually are proven and quantifiable in your business.

Do A Dollar-Per-Hour Analysis For Your Time

The next step is really fascinating.

You want to do a dollar per hour analysis of your time.

What I find with my clients is there is a huge range between how much each task earns them.

Marketing FunnelThis one client generated the most revenue when he was selling on the phone.

But at the same time he was performing low-income tasks like doing blog posts and SEO.

Why not spend more time doing the high-value activity?

This is the reason why he wasn’t…

He told me he didn’t have enough opportunities or leads coming in.

He needs to bring in the prospects in order to get them on the phone and start selling.

The Solution To Your Time Management Problems

This is where the discovery happened…

I told him, “Have another person on your team do the lower-income tasks.”

Pay an expert to do your email marketing for you.

I’m not saying cut it out completely, but just delegate it to somebody else.

Steve NixonFor the rest of the time, what you’re going to do is you can work on creating more opportunities for yourself to do that.

You want to turn your hours into Alpha Dog Time.

Do the high-value work with tons of lead generation. Optimize your sales.

And that’s what you’re going to do with the rest of your time.

What happens eventually is that once you start building more inbound capabilities

Meaning that more and more prospects and leads are coming in.

You’re going to see that you’re going to have to do less and less of that.

And the way you value your time will be worth significantly more.

Time Management Strategies In Business

time management tipsSo again, this is just a step-by-step optimization and study of your time.

I constantly think about this Alpha Dog Time.

What’s the big thing? What’s the constraint there?

And then what can we do for the rest of our time to nurture it?

Also notice that we talked about delegating and removing the lowest value tasks.

My client just spent his time doing it because he didn’t have anything else to do.

His philosophy was that a couple bucks is worth more than no bucks.

He was thinking about his time the wrong way.

It’s really hard to scale a business if you’re always working on the little things.

What Is Alpha Dog Time?

Figure out which tasks can lead to…

  • $1,000
  • $5,000
  • $10,000

Focus on those tasks.

model successAnd then remove the constraints that prevent you from spending your time on those tasks.

Make sure you’re thinking about this and doing this with your time and your business going forward.

Such a wonderful way to optimize your business.

And frankly, it’s an opportunity as well for you to be able to work less in the process too.

Use This Time Optimization Strategy In Your Life

In my personal business…

I work less and less hours and it continues to grow more.

It’s all because of constantly thinking: What’s that Alpha Dog Time and what are the constraints?

How can I do more of that?

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