Marketing Team: 7 Key Hires To Grow Your Business

Do you want to build out a rock star modern marketing team to grow your business?

Today we’ll talk about 7 critical roles you need to have in place to truly skyrocket your marketing team.

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Marketers have a really important job.

Ultimately, it’s a game of attention.

It’s getting new eyeballs, new traffic, new awareness, as well as new branding to your products and services.

Hire #1: Search Engine Optimizer

In the modern digital landscape, the first hire you want to have in place here is an SEO.

This is a search engine optimizer.

And what you’re looking for is someone who’s truly an expert in organic traffic.

They know how to bring qualified organic traffic into your business when people are doing Google searches.

marketing teamYou want them to be an expert in the Google algorithm.

They really pay attention to what’s going on and what drives the rankings.

They should be an expert in:

  • On page SEO
  • Off page SEO

They’ll consult with the content people to make sure what’s being created is really aligned and designed to get more of that organic traffic to grow your business.

So absolutely hire an SEO.

Hire #2: Paid Media Acquisition

Your second Modern Marketing Dream Team hire is going to be a paid media acquisition person.

  • This could be 1 hire
  • This could be multiple hires

This is somebody who’s responsible for generating new leads, new traffic and new customers through paid ads.

So we’re talking about your Google ads, your Facebook ads, Instagram ads, YouTube ads, etc.

So, you know SEO traffic is wonderful.

objections in salesAnd you definitely want to focus on it.

But it’s not the only platform that people are looking through.

There are other platforms out there.

And 1 of the nice things about paid media is it’s a lot more controllable than SEO.

It costs money but it’s a great investment when you dial it in.

So have somebody in your team who’s a rock star at this. It’s a wonderful role to have in place.

When you really want to scale, in terms of traffic, it’s just so important to have a paid media person who’s going to help you do that.

Hire #3: Add A Content Creator To Your Marketing Team

The 3rd hire for your Modern Marketing Dream Team is in the content creation area.

This can be a content writer or somebody who’s making videos for you.

Somebody to create Instagram posts. This is where your content multiplication strategy starts.

But in the modern age, we’re in the content game.

We put out free content to drive traffic because people are searching or they’re served an ad.

This is a way to drive interest to your business.

Somebody has to be making that stuff, right?

Well, this is where the content creator is going to come in place.

So having a really skilled writer on your team, or somebody who’s really comfortable on camera, somebody who can make content to bring new people in your business is a great hire to have.

And they’re going to be working directly with those other 2 positions that I talked about.

They can make content that will be optimized by the SEO and used for paid ads as well.

But we’re in a content game: You absolutely need people on your team who create content for you.

Hire #4: Affiliate Manager

The next role is an affiliate manager.

I have a lot of friends who only have this person on their team and they have very large businesses.

This person reaches out to:

  • Influencers
  • People who have attention
  • People who have big lists
  • Have businesses similar to yours

They say “Hey, if you promote our products our services we’ll give you a percentage of each sale.

There are tons of people who are just creating content, gaining followers, and have people listening,

product launch planBut they don’t really have anything to sell.

It’s a matter of fact that there are people who make their living from affiliate marketing,

The conversion rates are extremely high when you have that third party recommend your products to their fans.

So have an affiliate manager build those relationships.

This essentially builds an army of salespeople who are promoting your products and services for you.

An affiliate manager is a great hire to add.

And if you don’t have an affiliate program for your business…start one ASAP.

It’s a wonderful thing to have in your business to help it grow.

Marketing Team Hire #5: Data Analyst

The next role you want to have on your modern marketing team is a data analyst.

Now, why do you need a data analyst?

As you start putting out more and more content, putting out more offers, putting more money into ads, SEO, etc…

Things can get kind of messy and it’s hard to keep track of what’s going on.

working through spouse objectionsAnd you need data especially because this is digital.

We’re not always having these face-to-face conversations with our customers.

We need data to figure out what are people loving.

What is leading to sales?

What is leading to our KPIs or conversion points that we want?

And if you’re not tracking that you can waste so much time and so much money in terms of putting out content that people really aren’t digging.

It isn’t leading to business results.

An analyst needs to be an expert at Google Analytics.

They need to be able to interpret your ad data.

Of the stuff that we’re putting out, what is leading to sales?

What is leading to opt ins for your business?

What’s that conversion rate we are looking for?

product launchA dashboard is being built out and sent to you. That’s actionable and tells you what you need to do next with your business.

But without that analyst on your team, how do you do that?

Get somebody who’s a rock star at this stuff.

And I promise you, you’ll be glad you did.

Hire #6: Media Editor

The next person you want to have on your team is a media editor.

So what is it?

And why do you need one on your team?

First of all, a media editor is somebody who just edits video and edits audio.

Let me explain why this is so important that you have somebody like this on your team.

We’re really trying to scale and build out our rock star team of digital marketers.

Business GrowthYou’re going to be contacting your customers through all these different channels.

You are creating all kinds of different content and there’s a 99% chance this is going to involve some sort of video or audio.

You don’t want your content creators to jump into the editing side of stuff as well.

There are people who are better at the editing side than the actual content creation side.

Let your content creator do their magic on camera or on the microphone.

And allow them to delegate the editing to someone who is really great at editing amazing content.

It speeds up the process and makes your brand significantly more professional.

And again, we’re building a dream team, everybody’s just rock stars moving forward.

You’re going to need that media editor to help you do that.

Hire #7: Digital Marketing Team Manager

The last role we want to have in place is an amazing manager who’s an experienced digital marketer.

  • A digital marketing manager
  • Director of marketing
  • Chief Marketing Officer

Somebody who can make sure that everybody’s communicating well.

Marketing teamThey help each individual achieve their goals.

Also making sure as a department that they’re achieving their goals.

And more importantly, a digital marketing manager can help communicate with the sales department,

They’re the liaison between the two.

Sales and marketing need to work together lock and step.

If you don’t have a manager in place…

You’ll often find that all the talent in the marketing side really screws up the sales side of things.

Because sales needs to close the leads.

And marketing has told them different things.

Customers get frustrated.

That liaison helps communicate with the sales team as well.

Making sure that everybody’s organized and rowing in the same direction is absolutely critical.

Your Modern Marketing Dream Team In Place

And there we have it…

These are the 7 roles you need to hire to build a modern marketing dream team.

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