Hiring Your First Employee: 5 Important Roles To Fill

Hiring your first employee is 1 of the best ways to free up your time and begin to scale your business.

If you’re feeling stuck, in the weeds, and constantly trying to keep up with the day to day, this article is for you.

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Hiring Your First Employee To Scale Your Business

Welcome back to our business growth series at Strategy Samurai.

You want to scale your business.

But you’re not really sure how to do it.

The problem is that you’re doing so many menial tasks all the time.

Or there’re fires that always have to put out.

In today’s article, you’re going to learn some strategies to essentially escape this mess.

And build a wonderful company that doesn’t depend on your involvement in the day to day operations of your business.

The Decision To Hire Employees

Hiring Your First EmployeeYou finally made a decision that you’re hiring your first employee, which is awesome.

Now, the mistake that most people make is they just randomly begin to hire.

They say to themselves, “It’d be cool if I had a salesperson”.

So they hire a salesperson.

And maybe get a little bit of results in the sales department.

But a lot of the other areas in the business are still sucking you in.

The problem with hiring in a disorganized way…

Is that it actually ends up creating more work.

Because you now have to manage the new hire.

So who should you be hiring 1st of all?

Hiring Your First EmployeeAnd how do you do it in an organized way to build out an asset that can scale and run without you?

The good news is that there’s really only 5 core areas where you need to have hires in place.

And once those are there…

This is how you have a self-sufficient asset that is able to:

  • Grow without you
  • Bring in cash flow
  • Make people happy

And if you want to…

You can even sell the business because it’s not owner-reliant.

Hire #1: Product Delivery & Product Creation

Hiring Your First EmployeeSo 1 of the first hires you want to make in our 5-step system here…

Is hiring somebody in the product delivery and product creation area.

Why is this so important for your team?

And what makes this a great 1st hire?

If you don’t have an actual product or service to sell, you basically don’t have a business at all.

You need something to offer and sell to the marketplace right now.

What happens a lot is that we get so caught up in this area because it is so critical.

We get hyper-involved and wind up getting stuck in our business.

So you want to bring in somebody who is an expert at actually creating your product and service.

This person should be very skilled and also cares about your customers.

Hiring Your First EmployeeThey should be passionate about making this a positive experience for customers.

This is a critical and really a no-brainer first hire.

So ideally, they’re going to have a lot of talent and experience in this area.

You can do this when you learn how to write job descriptions that attract the right people.

If they don’t have a lot of experience…

Make sure to have some really great Standard Operating Procedures when you teach them your system.

Once you have somebody in place for this role…

They’re going to take care of your customers and make it an amazing experience for people when they order.

They’ll continue to listen to customers, come up with new ideas, and deliver what you’re selling to the marketplace.

This will give you a ton of confidence.

And it’ll take a lot of pressure off you when this happens.

So this is a great 1st hire.

Hire #2: Traffic Generation

Hiring Your First EmployeeAfter hiring your first employee…

The next area you want to focus on is to free yourself up from the traffic generation role.

Customer acquisition is a very important part of your business.

Oftentimes entrepreneurs will cling to this role.

They’re so scared that if they don’t participate in traffic generation…

Their business may die.

The reality is yes…

Somebody has to be responsible for bringing in new eyeballs to your products and services.

But it doesn’t have to be you. Okay?

So free up your mind a little bit here.

I can promise you that there is somebody out there…

Who is better at SEO than you are.

Marketing FunnelMany people who are better at Facebook ads than you.

Google ads…

There’s an expert at building out joint ventures and affiliate partners.

You name it.

The person in this role doesn’t have to be you.

So find somebody whose only job is new traffic generation.

And again, this is going to take a lot of pressure off you as an entrepreneur.

So you can focus on other things in your business or your life.

So at this point:

  • You no longer make the product or service
  • You’re not focused on bringing in the new traffic

Hiring Your First EmployeeBut how do we actually turn those new eyeballs…

And those new great products you’ve made into customers?

How do we sell?

Hire #3: Sales & Conversions

Next you want to make sure you have somebody on your team who’s responsible for sales and conversions.

Again, this is a trap area a lot of entrepreneurs fall into.

They cling onto the sales role.

You’ve got to make sure the dollars are coming in.

If you’re doing all these different things…

You’re not always going to be focused on this.

Email CampaignsIt’s going to suffer.

You want to have somebody on your team who’s truly an expert in this particular area.

So how does this look?

You could hire somebody who’s amazing at selling on the phone.

  • They’re getting past customer objections
  • Building relationships

You might have a great copywriter who knows how to build out a killer website.

They allow people to understand that your product or service is the best in the market.

And that they need to buy today.

Hiring Your First Employee In The Sales Role

Imagine if you have somebody who is working 40 hours a week…

And their sole focus was to be selling customers.

Or better yet…

Getting your current customers to buy again and again.

Just think how much your business would grow with more repeat buyers.

Also imagine if you did not have to do all of that.

Hiring Your First EmployeeAnd you had somebody that was actually better than you.

Whatever your current sales rate is…

What if somebody was 5 times better?

What would that do for your business?

What would it do for your time and your relaxation level?

So our 3rd role is to focus on the sales.

Hire #4: Administrative

The 4th area you want to hire for is in the operations and administrative side of your business.

And there’s an argument to be made…

Hiring Your First EmployeeThat this is the largest time suck and stress point for an entrepreneur.

Because this is where a lot of the fires in business end up happening.

Okay. So how does this look?

Well, in the customer support area, you absolutely want to have somebody else doing it.

If you as the entrepreneur always have to do the customer support…

You’ll always be a slave to the business.

Especially if you care about your customers being happy.

You know, you want to respond to them very quickly.

So think about having somebody whose job is just:

  • Customer support
  • Taking care of the customers
  • Email requests
  • Phone calls
  • Giving an A+ customer experience

Imagine the time freedom you’ll have knowing your customers are going to be taken care of.

Technology Support

The other area where fires come in…

Especially if you have an online business.

Is the tech side of things.

You can have somebody talented on your team.

Or an agency whose job is to make sure the plugins on your website are up to date.

Nothing breaks in the code.

Ultimately, they make sure your website is running 24 hours a day.

If something goes down, it can go right back up ASAP.

email marketing tipsThey handle server updates.

Whatever it needs to be.

You may know some things about code, but there are experts out there.

And agencies that have the expertise to take this off your plate.

So you can focus your time on high dollar value activities as the entrepreneur.


The next area you can free up is the finance.

There are people who have gone to school for finance.

These are your CPAs and bookkeepers.

They have all the training.

I can assure you that you’re not the only person in the world who can do Quickbooks or payroll.

So bring in talent so you can focus on other areas.

Hire #5: Management

Pull MarketingUp until this point, we brought in some amazing talent.

You now have somebody who’s helping you:

  • Build out your products or services
  • Bring in traffic
  • Sell to customers
  • Operations & Admin.

But how do you get everybody communicating together?

How do you get everybody rowing in the same direction?

And how do you make sure that people are doing their job?

Unless you can bring in somebody who can manage these people…

You’re going to have a brand new job as an entrepreneur.

Marketing AutomationAnd that’s as a manger.

Which will keep you stuck in your business.

So it’s absolutely essential that you have management in place to manage all these new people you hired.

And this is the perfect area here where you get to build out this asset that sustains without you.

Alright, so what does this role look like?

Hiring A Manager For Your Business

This could be a:

  • Talented project manager
  • Director of operations
  • CEO

You need somebody in charge to make sure:

  • People are communicating well
  • Goals are being accomplished
  • Work is being done

Facebook AdsYou don’t want that day job as an entrepreneur.

You want to build out an asset to be free.

And it’s not just about you.

It’s the best thing to sustain a business without you.

So you can work on maybe buying another business that you can bring into 10x the cashflow.

Or work on other things in your life.

Hiring Your First Employee Conclusion

Do you know somebody who is really struggling with their hiring?

I would truly be honored if you would share this article with them.

I publish this content to give back and contribute.

Because I’ve been really blessed and had a lot of success over the years.

So I’m at the point in my entrepreneurial journey where I just like to give back.

And help other entrepreneurs who may be a little bit earlier in their journey to succeed.

It was tough.

But you’ve got to help others because I was helped over the years.

My name is Steve Nixon. Thank you so much for reading.

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