How To Write Job Descriptions: 1 Massive Job Title Mistake

You may be making this job title mistake while learning how to write job descriptions.

This 1 was a little crazy, but we had to put this information out there so you can avoid this problem.

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The Mistake With How To Write Job Descriptions

Welcome back to our business growth series of articles here at Strategy Samurai.

I recently experienced this problem with a client.

We were trying to figure out why more people were not applying for his customer service role.

Have you ever ran into this problem?

Do you ever put out job descriptions and you’re not getting enough people applying for it?

Or the people applying for it are not qualified?

Well, here’s what he did…

And it was a big mistake that caused this whole mess to begin with.

As I’m looking through his job description, I see that he’s paying $25,000 more than the market rate.

This was a great salary, especially for the city that he’s in.

What Made His Job Description Great:

He also listed the following benefits:

  • 6 weeks paid time off
  • Great health plan
  • Dental benefits
  • 401k matching

How To Write Job DescriptionsThis looks like a really great gig for somebody who wants a well-paying job.

And they get to work from home as well.

So why aren’t people applying for this?

And what I saw shocked me.

The Job Title Mistake

Instead of putting Customer Service Manager as the job title…

Which is what he should have done.

And as you know from our headline formula article, the title is how you get the initial attention.

He put the job title as Chief Customer Service Coordinator.

I don’t have anything against those words.

Those are nice sounding words.

But understand that when people are searching on the major job sites:

  • Indeed
  • Monster.com
  • LinkedIn

How To Write Job DescriptionsThese results are being served from a database.

And it’s going to serve them exactly what they are searching for.

They’re not going to be looking for “Chief Customer Happiness Fairy Godmother Hairdresser to the Stars Coordinator.”

Whatever it is you put in there because you want to be cute and funny, right?

Do Not Get Creative With Your Job Titles

This is not the time to be creative.

You can show that you’re a fun company in the:

  • Job description
  • Interview process
  • On your website

How To Write Job DescriptionsBut in the actual job title that’s on the job board, you have to make it very traditional.

So please avoid this mistake.

Do not get creative in your job title roles.

It ends up confusing people.

This is 1 reason why you’re not getting enough leads to fill this position.

Write Job Description Titles That Match Their Identity

The 2nd thing is that when people actually see the job title…

It may even turn them off from applying to it.

People have a very strong identity with the title that they have at work.

How To Write Job Descriptions correctlyIn their mind, they are a manager.

They manage people and they’ve ascended to a certain level in their career.

There’s a certain status attached to the title they hold.

And you put something completely different.

They lose that status in their mind.

Their self-identity is wiped away.

This is who they are as a person and it’s very powerful.

So it’s really important that you title the job correctly.

Remember, oftentimes as entrepreneurs…

We have an identity and it’s important that we are associated with who we think we are.

And it’s even more important for an employee as well, right?

So remember to write clear job titles.

Write Clear Job Description Titles

how to hire employeesDon’t be super creative here.

Just use traditional titles in that section of the job description.

And then you can sell them in the:

  • Actual job description
  • Culture of your company
  • Website
  • Interview process

Sell them on the opportunity there.

But with the job title: make it really crystal clear and cut and dry.

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Steve Nixon InvestorMy name is Steve Nixon.

Thank you for reading.

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