Train Employees To Be A-Players & Avoid This Mistake

Are you looking for a more efficient way to train employees without the extra workload?

Today I’m going to share a very costly mistake I made with my employee training process.

This is how I corrected it and what can work better for you instead.

How To Train Employees Video Tutorial:

The Need To Effectively Train Employees

As you read through this article, I want you to see how this could be a mistake you’re making as well.

An overwhelming amount of small business owners are making this mistake.

Fortunately, I figured out how to solve it and I’m sharing this with you to learn from my mistakes.

train employeesSo, we had hired a social media manager.

They came in and they were skilled at a lot of different things.

  • They knew the different channels very well
  • Graphic design
  • How to setup facebook ads
  • Had experience creating content

They came from a breadth of experience and had some skills.

And just like every single human being in the world, we all have our strengths and weaknesses.

Recognize Your Employee’s Weakness

And this employee came in with strengths.

But they also had 1 glaring weakness.

And that was that they were not a great copywriter.

They weren’t horrible, but they weren’t great.

train employeesIf you’re putting out great social media content…

You have to be pretty darn good at copywriting.

So we needed to fill in the gaps and improve their level of training.

The Mistake I Made When I Used To Train Employees

Because I was an experienced copywriter.

I spent so much time in the trenches and it’s something I enjoyed…

And became the mentor.

As the entrepreneur, I was the person who is actually training that employee.

There’s nothing wrong with training your employees.

I was a teacher.

I love to communicate and want to make sure I’m building relationships with my employees.Steve Nixon

But inevitably, there’s going to be a cap and a drag on the actual time involvement you have.

As an entrepreneur, you want to put a strong emphasis on your time management and optimize your time for high-level activities.

You want to focus on those big move-the-needle type tasks.

You won’t be able to do that if you decide to manage and train employees all day, right?

Instead of coaching that employee all the time, what can you do instead?

Value Your Time With Employee Training

You want to spend your time working on major opportunities as an entrepreneur.

So personally, I like to think of my time as being worth $10,000.

If I spend 3 days doing a copywriting crash course for 9 hours a day…

train employeesIs that return on my investment going to be worth $270,000?

I’ll take you through the math.

  • $10,000 an hour x 9 hours = $90,000
  • $90,000 x 3 days = $270,000

Maybe the output of that person will generate $270,000.

But is there a better way where you can have your cake where you’re still working on your $10,000 tasks?

While the employee can be trained at the same time.

It doesn’t depend on you.

A Faster Way To Train Employees

The approach that has really worked for me is as follows:

I decided to start buying my employees courses and books.

Give them the space to learn.

Business GrowthThis is 1 form of business leverage that I talk about in this video here.

This is how you grow.

By not necessarily being the 1 responsible to train employees directly.

An Objection To Train Employees This Way

A lot of people fear that their employees are not going to be productive during this time.

You’re so afraid to have them just sit down and read a book because they need to be doing tasks for the company.

That’s not the best mindset when it comes to this approach.

First of all, let’s compare the value of your time.

I value my time at that $270,000 and my employee’s time at $200 per day.

$200 x 3 days = $600

  • We have $270,000 of opportunity costs
  • Compared to $600 worth of the employee’s time

kpi marketingCan you see the math there?

Instead, allow them the space to learn.

Buy them some books and courses because…

This provides you with the time freedom to work on other opportunities.

And you can leverage somebody else’s time who actually built a course step-by-step to teach your employee what they need to do.

Can You Train Your Employees To Perfection?

Perhaps you could get them to 100% if you went in depth and mentored them yourself.

Instead, maybe they are only 85% of the way there.

Remember to think of the opportunity cost of your time.

And everything involved in constantly having to coach them and be the only 1 there to get them better.

You want them to autonomously be able to coach themselves.

Content Marketing TipsThere are leverage tools out there from people who’ve created courses.

It’s well worth it in the short-term.

You may feel like you’re putting $600 employee time into this as well as $50 in books and $1,000 on courses.

But in the long term, you’re freeing up your time for massive opportunities.

You’re going to be able to improve their productivity.

And deliver more value to the marketplace because they’re more skilled in that particular area.

The Long Term Benefits of Employee Training

So the basic summary is you do not have to be the person who’s training your employees all the time.

This trap is especially important to recognize if you’re good in your skill area.

You don’t have to be the trainer.

train employeesDon’t fall under that trap.

It’s easier if you’re not skilled.

If you don’t know much about coding you can simply tell your employee to take a coding course.

Entrepreneurs get trapped if they’re good at that.

You don’t have to be the trainer.

Invest in your employees in terms of courses and books.

So, it’s a leverage play of time.

Don’t think short-sighted.

Think long term and invest in their growth.

What If You Train Employees & They Quit?

Another fear many employers have is that their employees might leave them when they get really good.

Ecommerce Email MarketingWhat happens if you put all this energy into them and they leave you?

The truth is this: They’re going to leave you anyways.

They probably won’t stay for long if they don’t get the training, mentorship, and growth through this particular job.

Another way of looking at it is this…

You’re afraid that if you invest all this time into making them great, they won’t need you.

So you’ve got this C- player on your team.

You have a representative of your company.

And a person who is supposed to be growing this asset for you.

But they consistently put out C- content into the marketplace.

Website Content StrategyThat’s a really, really, really dangerous situation.

Either way, you want to make them the best version of themselves.

So they can produce for you and your asset.

And get your brand out into the marketplace better so you can grow together.

Summary: My Approach To Train Employees

You absolutely have to train your employees.

You don’t need to be the person doing the training yourself.

Think about the opportunity costs and the big moves you can make with your time instead.

Give your employees the space to train.

They do need to produce.

But little pockets of training here and there can have massive ROI.

Go forth and prosper.

Thank you so much for reading.

Steve NixonMy name is Steve Nixon.

I make these articles just to give back.

I’ve had so many people help me over the years in my entrepreneurial and my investor journey.

This is the time my career to help you succeed as well.

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