iOS 14 Update Facebook Ads: Here’s What To Do Next

The iOS 14 update Facebook Ads problem is just 1 sign of a much larger issue in your business.

What you don’t realize yet is other platforms you market on could put you at risk.

iOS 14 Update Facebook Ads Video Training

iOS 14 Update & Facebook Ads Tanking

iOS 14 update FacebookIn today’s article, I talk about the iOS 14 update and what’s happening with Facebook ads.

Many different business owners and marketers are telling me their businesses are tanking.

They had this really amazing funnel inside Facebook and it’s no longer working.

In addition to this, their tracking has been destroyed.

Today you’re going to learn some quick fixes that you can easily implement.

And more importantly, there’re very important strategic things that you need to do long term.

This way you can avoid this type of mess from happening again going forward.

iOS 14 Update Breaking Your Facebook Ads

So whenever something goes wrong in business, there’s really 2 ways to look at it.

1st, you’ll say how much this sucks.

They’re chopping the knees off of your whole customer acquisition platform, right?

That’s 1 way of looking at it.

ios 14 update facebook adsBut the better way to look at it is when you ask yourself, “What can I learn from the situation?”.

And the lesson is this…

Building your business on 1 single platform is incredibly risky.

If you’re only acquiring customers on 1 platform, can you see how this is a major mistake?

Get On New Advertising Platforms

In the short term, you need to pivot.

You need to start replicating your Facebook funnels on other platforms.

  • YouTube Ads
  • Google Search Ads
  • Google Display Network
  • An Affiliate Program

All of these options may work great for you.

So that’s 1 short term fix for the Facebook Ads problem with the iOS 14 update.

The Long Term Solution

iOS 14 update Facebook updateYou want to constantly find new places to acquire customers.

In fact, I would make this a quarterly goal of yours.

A single channel of customer acquisition is just so risky as you’re experiencing it right now in your business.

This constant pattern of a platform doing an update…

Or changing something has happened a lot since the early days of online marketing.

I’ve been advertising online since 2003.

I can’t tell you the number of updates I’ve seen.

SEO was 1 of the best channels there was. Especially in the early 2000’s.

But Google gets smart. It’s their proprietary platform.

This Is Not Just A Facebook Problem

Can you remember all the updates Google did?

  • The Hummingbird Update
  • Panda Update
  • Penguin Update
  • Florida Update
  • Mobile Usability Update

ios 14 update facebook adsI could write an entire book on all the small and large Google updates.

So early on, there were many businesses that were #1 in the search results.

And only acquired customers through SEO.

1 single update pushed them back to page 5 or 6.

They basically lost their entire customer acquisition strategy because of 1 platform’s update.

So this happens over and over again.

For Facebook ads, this is probably the 1st time you’re seeing something like this.

But it’s a constant pattern that happens through digital advertising.

Never Have 1 Point Of Failure

So you have to have multiple customer acquisition channels.

That’s a huge lesson in itself, right?

All of a sudden, you might find a channel that’s the best source of fish in a lake.

Content MultiplicationYou were only going to fish in that 1 lake.

But all of a sudden, a deadly algae comes and poisons all of the fish.

What are you going to do?

You weren’t searching for other sources of fish or food.

So there’s something you want to include in your business growth process.

Every quarter, you want to work on finding new customer channels.

These updates will cut off your flow of new leads.

  • It’s not a matter of if
  • It’s a matter of when.

This Change Happened With Email Marketing

Let me give you another example.

This same problem happened in email marketing.

facebook ads and ios14Most people have Gmail accounts.

10 years ago there was no such thing as a:

  • Primary Tab
  • Promotions Tab
  • Social Tab

Or any custom tabs that users setup.

If you sent out fairly decent content, you would go directly to the front of their inbox.

There was just the primary tab.

There were these great email marketers who were cleaning up just through email.

When you get into people’s inboxes, you’d get 40% open rates.

Well guess what?

Online Marketing Is Constantly Changing

10 years later, a 20% open rate is considered good if you’re sending out good content.

You could get in people’s inboxes and see 40% open rates, especially if you’re sending out good content.

email marketing tipsThat 40-50% is gone.

Now, if you’re running a business with extremely tight margins, that’s a 50% cut in your revenue.

  • Updates happened in the email platform
  • The SEO platform
  • Even multiple times in the Google Ads platform

Google Ads loved affiliate marketers early on.

Now, there’s a lot more Terms of Service updates that end up preventing certain words from being used.

Back to SEO, there used to only be 2 or 3 ads at the top of organic search results.

Now they take up even more space at the top of the results.

Protect Your Business From Future Updates

These platforms pull the rug from under us again and again.

The way to prevent this risk going forward is to build your business on multiple platforms.

Steve NixonI’m very sorry if you’re feeling pain right now.

I totally empathize with you.

It’s happened to every single marketer and business owner out there.

But the lesson learned from this is: Get your business on multiple platforms going forward.

Alright, so build a stronger business.

Build out on multiple platforms so you will survive this.

Just work hard, go forth, and prosper.

Thank you so much for reading.

My name is Steve Nixon.

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