High Income Skills To Massively Increase Your Time Value & Impact

Do you want to increase the value of your time and learn some high income skills to achieve business growth?

These time & wealth leverage strategies increase the value you can squeeze out of each hour and each day.

High Income Skills Video Training:

Part 1: Learn High Income Skills

There are many ways to reach a high income potential.

This is especially true if you have investments or a business.

In today’s article, I’ll show you a simple formula of trading your time…

And the marketplace returning $1,000,000 over the course of a year.

Calculate & Know Your Hourly Rate

High Income SkillsYou want to think about how many hours per year you’ll be working.

A normal work year in the traditional labor market is 2,000 hours.

  • 40 hours per week
  • x 50 work weeks per year
  • = 2,000 hours per year

In this example, let’s say you take 2 weeks’ vacation.

  • $1,000,000
  • Divided by 2,000 hours
  • = $500 per hour

To reach this target, each hour of your time has to be worth $500.

This is what you want to be thinking about…

When you are working, you need to make sure you are generating at minimum $500 per hour.

It could be a little bit less if you want to work more hours.

But again, we’re using traditional math to figure this out.

High Income Skills In My Career

price positioningNow before we figure out how to actually do that…

I don’t want you to get too scared of that number.

If you’re watching this video, there’s a high probability you’re not currently making $500 per hour.

Many people do this and it’s very possible.

It just comes down to viewing this from a completely different angle:

How you think about your time and what you’re giving to the marketplace.

Okay, so let’s break into that right now.

Here are some activities that I’ve personally done over the course of my career that have generated at least $500 per hour.

1. Building Sales Funnels

High Income SkillsThe first 1 is learning how to build sales funnels.

Building them out has been an incredible use of my time.

Let’s say it takes you 10 hours to learn the basics of what a sales funnel is.

It then takes you 20 hours to build it up.

So we’re looking at 30 hours now.

The ability to sell and influence online removes your time from this once it’s built.

You can put your product or service out into the marketplace 24/7.

It will continue to sell for you into the future.

If a sales funnel makes 6 or 7 figures, divide this by 30 hours.

And this can bring back thousands or tens of thousands per hour.

Because it’s separated from your time.

There’s a disproportionate return on your time and the amount of money you can potentially get back.

Building sales funnels has been an incredible game changer for me.

It can be 1 of those high income skills to make a great use of your time.

2. Purchase Cash Flowing Assets

Lifetime ValueAnother thing that has been extremely helpful for me is purchasing cash-flowing assets.

It might sound like a lot, but it basically means to sit down and study investments.

It’s about doing the due diligence.

Let’s say you spend 50 hours researching a particular investment.

When you make certain types of investments, you no longer have to work on that asset.

It’s passive and can generate money 24/7 without your involvement.

I’ll use an example of a real estate investment.

Over the course of 30 years, you get cash flow every month + you pay off the building.

If you put 50 hours into sourcing that deal, communicating with the mortgage broker etc.

It cashflows forever, right?

Do you see the disproportionate return on your time here as well?

High Income SkillsYou invested a couple dozen hours and then potentially 6 or 7-figures from the actual investment.

That’s been incredible for me.

It’s a total game changer.

So again, think about where you put your time when you only have so much.

Where can I get these returns for $500 per hour on my time?

That’s the question I’m always asking.

3. High Income Skills You Can Learn Today

The third example is learning how to sell and communicate.

High Income Skills to learnI spent hours studying, reading books, and taking courses earlier in my career.

And then I implemented what I learned.

A lot of the studying I did was learning how to sell.

Oftentimes the salespeople in a company are the highest paid people.

And that’s because they can actually influence the amount of money they make.

In most cases they work on a commission structure.

And if you’re particularly good at sales and influence…

You can effectively help people understand why buying a product or service is going to benefit their life.

There’s a disproportion return on your time.

I once had a mentor who was a great salesperson.

I asked him how much money he made.

email marketing metricsHe told me $2.7 million in the previous year.

At the time, I was only making $120,000 or so.

I was shocked.

Because he only worked like 15 hours a week.

When I asked him how he did it, do you know what he told me?

He said he was really, really, really good at selling.

And then exercising his time accordingly.

Focus Exclusively On High Income Skills & Activities

He doesn’t do any of those smaller activities.

When I asked him, he told me he doesn’t do email.

He doesn’t do things that waste his time.

When he puts his time and energy forward, it’s going to be with whopper customers.

High Income SkillsWhopper deals where he can get a massive commission.

So selling is an incredible opportunity.

4. Learn Communication Skills

But 1 more thing is learning communication skills.

At one point or another you’ll build out these outsized returns on your time per hour.

Oftentimes, you’re going to need people working under you.

They support you through this process.

The ability to communicate with them, influence them, and motivate them is critically important.

And I would also say it’s important in regards to selling as well, right?

  • Soft skills
  • Communication skills

The time involved in learning those and sharpening them up can be massive leverage.

And a wonderful use of your time.

High Income Skills to Manage & Motivate

Entrepreneurial DepressionThink about it like this…

Let’s say that you learn how to manage and motivate people.

You sit down and you read some books on this.

You build out a dream marketing team who are working on your project for you.

You’re not putting in the time yourself.

Other people are doing it for you.

Now let’s say it’s making you $5,000 per week on that project.

You put in 50 hours of time reading the books and hiring.

As that project grows, the return on this can be massive.

These are soft skills and learning how to communicate.

  1. Sales funnels
  2. Purchasing assets
  3. Learning how to sell
  4. Developing soft skills

These skills have been really important for me in my career.

Part 2: Fix Massive Leaks In Your Time

High Income SkillssetsNow you know some activities that can dramatically increase the value of your time.

Let’s talk about some huge leaks in your time.

These prevent that massive upside and income that you want.

If we know that our time is worth $500 per hour…

And you’re putting it into activities that do not save you or will not put forth $500 in return

You’re wasting your time and energy.

Let’s give some examples of how people do this in their lives.

Wasting Your Time – The Math

So let’s say that you purchase an item from a store and it’s $50.

You discover it’s broken and you want to return it.

Your first thought might be “I don’t want to lose my $50”.

SEO Content StrategyYou don’t want it so you’re going to return it.

But think about it like this instead:

  • You repackage the item
  • Go to the store
  • Wait in line
  • Get your $50
  • Drive back home

Let’s say that takes 2 hours of your time.

You just put your finite time into an activity that was $25 per hour.

People do this all the time.

Even if it’s more automated through Amazon returns, you might only get $100 per hour on your time.

What To Do With Your Time Instead

You might want to think about just not returning it.

Learn High Income SkillsTake that loss.

During this time, you put your energy into those higher dollar activities, right?

Sitting down and studying investments.

Building out sales funnels.

Optimizing your current sales funnel.

Instead of driving back to return those things to the store.

Paying Extra To Save Money

We all need to do grocery shopping.

If you pay a grocery delivery service, you have to tip the driver.

Entrepreneurial DepressionThere might also be a 20% mark-up because you used a 3rd party service.

But again, ask yourself if you’re going to get $500 of savings by going to the grocery store yourself?

  • Getting in the car
  • Driving to the store
  • Doing the shopping
  • Checking out
  • Driving back

Are you saving $500?

99.9% chance you’re not.

Free up your time from the low dollar activities.

You can delegate certain tasks like the grocery service.

High Income SkillsOr you remove it by keeping the item you don’t want.

You might pay an additional $50 for $30 worth of groceries.

But in return, you’re putting that time into building a sales funnel that could generate so much more than that.

Other Areas To Optimize Your Time For Business Growth

Do you clean your own home?

It might be expensive to hire a housekeeper or somebody to clean your house.

But again if your time is worth $500 per hour…

Email NurturingWill the savings of not hiring a house cleaner generate you $500?

Most likely not.

The vast majority of cleaners are under $50 per hour.

So again, this works if you reinvest that time into higher dollar per hour type activities.

What Are Your Peak Hours Of Productivity?

Here’s the final thing we’ll talk about today.

In theory, all of our time would be productive.

Everything we do would be useful.

And you’d always be effective while you’re working.

Entrepreneurial DepressionInstead, we have peak times throughout the day where our energy is high.

These are the hours when you are the best version of yourself.

But if you’re doing all these things like cleaning and going to the grocery store.

You’re doing sales calls.

There’re energy leaks in there as well.

This is why deleting or delegating is also so important.

So you can focus your limited time and energy on those high income skills.

Achieve Business Growth With Time & Wealth Leverage Strategies

Frequency MarketingThat’s how you increase the value of your time.

Remember that it includes deleting or delegating those lower dollar activities.

  • Focus on the upside
  • Remove the downside as well

So thank you so much for reading.

My name is Steve Nixon.

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