Content Marketing Tips For Real Business Gains

Content Marketing TipsEver been motivated to put out your content and get stuck second guessing what works best? You need some good content marketing tips to get real business gains.

Many entrepreneurs today get lost in get rich quick schemes, vague tutorials, or people talking in circles without any data to back up what they are saying.

We are going to give you some of our favorite tips and insights that are easy to use and geared to deliver measurable results. Which leads us to our first tip, so let’s get started!

1. Why Data Based Content Marketing Tips Rule

We use data in so many ways, from helping our decision making to backing up our points. Some love data, while others look at a list of numbers and their faces go white.

Content Marketing TipsThose numbers represent what happened and more importantly what can happen.

The first way we use data is to track metrics and analytics that apply to your content marketing.

Track your lead metrics, sales metrics, consumption metrics, open rates, google analytics, email marketing metrics, the list goes on.

These data numbers are the crystal ball to see your content marketing past, present and future.

The Second Way Our Numbers Have Our Backs 

Our next data tip is fairly obvious, but leads to some great content creation ideas. Use data to back up what you are saying. Most people know this one, but still quite a few don’t or refuse to use data driven facts.

Only 5% of marketers consider their content marketing approach as extremely successful, 23% very successful and Content Marketing Tips50% only moderately successful.

It’s important to try different approaches and using data is a great way to mix it up.

Create data driven content. Infographics, case studies, and white papers, are inherently engaging because they’re data driven.

You don’t have to be completely data-driven, you can just be data-informed. This is when the data is used to simply back up what your gut was already telling you.

2. What Content Marketing Tips Use Keywords

Another important tip is to understand who you’re marketing too. One of the easiest ways to understand your market is to know the keywords and language they use when they search.

Some people question keyword marketing because they think it starts with an agenda instead of serving the reader first. Don’t fall for that theory, your competitors aren’t falling for it.

There are plenty of keyword driven articles that serve and read better than keyword-less articles. Keywords are how search engines connect the web and SEO (search engine optimization) is key.

Content Marketing Tips

Where SEO Content Marketing Takes Your Business

SEO content strategy might be the most important tip on the list. SEO gets a rep for sounding like a robotic process, when it might be the most human aspect of online business.

It is the art of researching and truly understanding your prospects, customers and how your content can best serve them. It doesn’t get anymore down-to-earth than that.

If you are not using SEO and keyword optimization, you’re probably wasting allot of time, money, and resources making inapplicable content, or at least dramatically less applicable.

(Read our demographic marketing blog to learn more about understanding who your prospects and customers really are).

3.  These Content Marketing Tips Hit The Masses

Retargeting StrategyWe can’t talk content marketing tips without mentioning reach. How do you get your content out to the most people?

Or even better, how do you make the most money with your content?

First, making more money and getting the best results doesn’t mean reaching the most people. It’s reaching the right people, and as many of them as possible.

So before you try every trick in the book to reach the most people, check analytics, SEO data, demographics. Do your research first to make the most of your opportunities.

How To Reach Them All Over And Over

Once you know how your content can effectively bring value into your prospects and customers lives, it’s time to get it out there. So here are the next content marketing tips.

You want to use cross channel marketing, also known as multi-channel or omni-channel. But first you must make sure you have uniform branding SEO Strategyacross all platforms. Your website, social media, emails, apps, all have to jell.

Then release your content, re-use content, use content multiplication and spread your brand across all channels for an integrated user experience.

For illusive customers you can use retargeting marketing to re-engage sales multiple times, tracking data for progress.

4.  When Content Marketing Tips It’s Hat To You

Our last content marketing tips have to do with not being afraid to be you. Don’t try and please everyone. Just like the research you do into your customers, do it for your business and yourself.

Content Marketing TipsWhen you know yourself, you can steer your business with a golden compass. Envision your ideal customer and build content that works best for them.

Consistently publish your best work, quantity and quality. Don’t put out weak content!

Your content may not work for everybody, but perfect for the right people. That means you’re hitting your target market and your content is optimized for ideal customers.

That’s our final piece of advice. Be you, trust the process, have fun, and do it well.

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