Frequency Marketing – The 2 Different Ways It Works

Frequency MarketingDid you know there are two different ways frequency marketing can grow businesses? Most people only know one. But, knowing both can boost your business and fill your pocket book.  

In today’s video and article we talk about how to use frequency marketing the right way.

Frequency Marketing Video Tutorial

1. Why Frequency Marketing Is Incredibly Versatile

Frequency marketing is has two very different ways it can be used. To the point where there could actually be two different labels. So we thought we’d clear things up and offer some great pointers in the process.

Frequency MarketingIt is important to be able to distinguish between these two types. You can hear marketers talking about frequency marketing and think they’re talking about completely different things.

The first form is an internal, micro-metrics variety. The second form is a big picture, macro, cross channel marketing way of tracking your touch points and customer loyalty.

2. How Frequency Marketing Works In Ad Platforms 

The first way frequency marketing is used is inside ad platforms. There are marketing metrics that show you the frequency your ad has been viewed by your audience number.

On Facebook it can be the number of impressions, likes, follows. This is fascinating in terms of Website Content Strategythe frequency aspect, which of course has to do with the quality of content in your posts and ads.

(To make quality content, read my website content strategy blog for three great techniques.)

This type works great for customers who met you on your website and you’re retargeting marketing to them on social media. You want to know if it’s working or not.

3. When Frequency Marketing Stops Working 

Depending on the market or type of offer, there’s a certain number that you will start getting diminishing returns. For example, at what point does your earnings per click dramatically go down?

Price Positioning

They say it takes seven points of contact before a prospect is ready to buy. That’s not necessarily true. Frequency marketing can show you what those numbers really are.

In Facebook, that metric could be impressions.

How many times did the prospect see your offer before they purchased? Two, four, seven times, you want to be tracking these numbers.

It’s All About Clutch Adjustments

Once you have those numbers, you can experiment, play around with things like price positioning trying to drive your frequency numbers up or down (depending on the metric) to improve your ROI.

If you’re checking website frequency metrics, you could be looking to see if your SEO content strategy is working, which keywords diminish faster or slower?

All advertising has a shelf life and this first frequency form is a fantastic way to see when time is up.

4. Where Frequency Marketing Is Most Loyal

Frequency MarketingThe second form is in the customer loyalty space. Tracking your touch points and customers metrics on all platforms.

For instance, when using email nurturing to build loyal customer relationships, use email marketing metrics to check frequency and length of engagement.

Unlike the first, the theory behind the second is the more you contact you make, the more results you get. Instead of diminishing, you build a customer relationship and odds go up with frequency!

Of course, you must be mindful and avoid spamming them 5-50 times a day. Nobody likes that kind of frequency. They’ll think you’re an automated machine. Don’t get me wrong, automation is amazing!

(If you’d like to learn how to use automation in an effective way, check out my marketing automation metrics article.)

5. What Great Value Frequency Marketing Can Offer 

Frequency MarketingIf you avoid spamming and provide nonstop value for your prospects and customers, it will build and nurture a customer relationship that keeps giving.

It really helps to study your customers when it comes creating loyalty.

Techniques like demographic marketing combined with frequency can be extremely powerful. Seeing frequency as it pertains to specific audience types can do wonders for your ad spend.

Offer sales, bonuses, free stuff, helpful reports that enrich their lives. Create variety and show customers you understand a spectrum of their needs. This form of frequency marketing builds trust and loyalty.

Now You’re On A Higher Frequency

Frequency MarketingNow you have two ways to think about frequency marketing. One is ad platform metrics and the other is a core philosophy involving customer touch points and building trust.

Both are awesome and one can absolutely feed the other. Now go explore and learn way more about your business and how to maximize your ad spends and efforts.

My name is Steve Nixon. Thank you so much for watching and reading. If you enjoyed this video and article, I encourage you to visit us on YouTube. Thanks, I’ll see you soon